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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Grande riviere


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By Anonymous , 17-09-2007

WEST MOORINGS TNUC - i cah believe you fighting down this wave so boy, it only breaking dread once in a blue moon and other than that well the pictures speaking for themselves horse, and doh study me comming and jumbie your waves i only there to teach muh gyal and have some lunch with the tourists, study dat!!!

tunuc wah d jail is dat, brudda??? leave d wanna be white boy talk to me dude...

By local , 17-04-2007

keep riding the wave and not the rave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - coming from a local point of view,by that i mean a fellow grand rivierian.i grew up surfing this spot,and must say if you are new to the sport these are the waves you want to start off on.

By Anonymous , 29-09-2006

bumbaglass - Usually offshore or glassy as hell when everywhere else is blown. That comes at the price of less power and size. Still, not many other places in Trini that can handle the regulation ENE trades during the prime season.

Feel free to go somewhere else if GR isn't for you. Especially if you are a spoilt westmoorings tnuc.

By gunny go go , 19-06-2006

- I've surfed there loads of times, and the locals are not a hazard. In fact, I never even see any locals. Most people seem to prefer beach break

By anonymous , 03-03-2005

it used to be better - the sandbars are all wierd now and it closes out over 6ft.
Take a chance and surf a real wave - not everyone can afford to fly to Soup Bowl dude.

By The Truth , 07-01-2005 sucks - If you like weak waves with no challenge, power or face, this would be the spot for you. Take a risk and surf a real wave.

By been surfing here since mid 80's , 07-07-2004

- Very nice wave for beginners when its small, on bigger days watchout for the submerged rock.

By surfer , 30-06-2004

Cool - Yeh well it looked cool when I passed by on my way to Matelot on Sunday. It's a decent place hope to take my board up one weekend and test it out.

By David Rudder , 06-01-2004

Eh? - What de arse do you mean...once you don't mind surfing with locals?? Whatever happened to respecting the locals?

By shroom , 24-09-2003

riviere - I like surfing here cause its usually not as crowded most of the times at an average of 3-5ft, lefts and rights, once you don't mind surfing with gets as big as 10ft epic surf - which is mostly a right..if you catch it on a swell.

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