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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Mount irvine bay


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By barry , 08-08-2003

50 - Never heard about that one, stashing stuff and calling the police. What a waste of weed! Unless you're Brazilian of course.

By anonymous , 07-08-2003

Rastaman - The guys that are assholes are the guys who can't really surf any good. There's a regular footer that surf so bad you want to laugh. He claims everything even it wasn't near. Watch out for him, he'll stash your stuff with drugs and call te cops.

There are more spots but the locals are to lazy to surf them.

By World Wanderer , 10-06-2003

No more secret spots - Hey Mr secret spot, we understand your position but remember most of the world also surfs shitty waves every day. Tobago is not a secret spot anymore, and if you dont like finding out about new spots then why the hell are you even on this website? Travlers are usually the most respectful and capable people in the lineup. Its the local idiot kooks who cause the problems the world over. I liked the Tobago locals, it was the Trinidad dishits who caused the problems. Give respect, get respect. Peace.

By Remember what the word secret means? , 06-06-2003

Give us a break - We're not really aggressive locals, it's just that this wave (which shouldn't have been named, shame on you) is the only half decent one for hundreds of miles and it hardly ever breaks to boot. You can understand why the locals are trying to keep people away. It's nothing personal, but when you live in a part of the world where the surf is consistently shit, you don't want it to be completely zooed out when it gets mediocre.

By Jah Mon , 04-06-2003

Mighty Sparrow Rocks - I kept a home on Barbados from 1969 to 1983, and whenever the major winter swell hit, usually on full moons in Dec, Jan, Feb, we'd wait for the swell to start to die off then fly down and ride this break. Its an epic wave, and we got it at 15 to 18 one year, but it only breaks two or three times a year, so its not worth the wait.

Pity the bumba clot who left that shitty message on this post. We used to ride this place with no one but a hand full of travelers, there were no local surfers at all. Tobago was a sweet island Mon, but its agressive punks like this that ruined both surfing and the West Indies. If your such a bad motherfucker, take a holiday to Kingston and see if how long you last with the real rudies.

Peace to all the rest of you

By CACWBY (aka Raykan the Buccoo Hippy , 04-06-2003

Was great in 71 & 72, - but we left behind surfboards and the locals learned to surf and are now the worst on planet except maybe Palo Verdes.

By anonymous , 31-05-2003

yeah true that - it really is not worrh the effort stay away.we dont want you here and we dont want you to talk about it. if tou come we will snake you and send you home. you have been warned!!!

By , 31-05-2003

This place sucks - I've been there and waited out a long flat spell, when a swell did arrive, the place was a zoo. I don't know why because the wave is weak and shitty.

By Rubio Rasta , 25-05-2003

Me too brah - Yeah I got skunked too, and I was there for a month! Looked like a great setup, but it was either flat or so small the whole time that it was longboards only. Personally, I prefer Barbados as it gets way more swell and has more spots.

By anonymous , 25-05-2003

Not worth the effort - Been to Tobago three times, and got skunked every time. It can get good, but the swell window is so narrow that it's almost always flat. And it's expensive. Not worth it if you have limited time/budget. If you have a month or two to wait it out then go for it.

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