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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Mount irvine bay


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By anonymous , 23-03-2004

It's Rubbish - Long flat spells, hoards of aggressive locals when a wave bothers to turn up, ugly vibe in and out of the water. Who needs it? CR offers better everything. Shan't bother with this one again.

By irish , 05-03-2004

boards - are there any surf shops on tobago, i am down there for a few days and can't be arsed bringing boards - is there anyone who'll hire out shortboards.

By anonymous , 11-02-2004

no one - I grew up in tobago and now i live in Florida, I went back last year, and the trinis were rude as fu*k, they acted like they really own the beach, Allya fellas need too chill out and not hog every wave, and halfthe surfers sucked anyway, better breaks around

By Respecting , 27-01-2004

True... the trinis spoil it. - ...and I'm a Trinidadian so I speak fact. We come over when the net says 'go' and it's really a great wave. But why the lack of a lineup??? Trinis are used to fighting for waves because the take-off point is shifty and sections close-out all the time so perhaps they don't learn about the line-up. Mount Irvine deserves better than that - someone should put a sign up on the point: "wait your f*cking turn".

When it goes off there are enough waves for everybody.

By dont spoil it. , 05-01-2004

manners? - The visiting yanks need to learn some manners. Just cause you've paid some warm us$ to visit doesnt mean that you have more wave rights than anyone else. Things are only going to get worse here unless peeps start to chill out.

By stefan 69 , 11-12-2003

not escondido!!!!!! - if youre gonna fly from a distance there are more powerful consistent and hollow waves elsewhere and you wont get barreled here but if you are just havin a vacation and are takin the board along for a few odd days then its o.k. . it can be a pain if there is swell due to the locals hassling but there is enough to go round( they should learn some manners)

By anonymous , 13-11-2003

False Allegations...don't let scare you!! - All of these bad vibes on this site are efforts to thwart the path of surfer who wants to score good surf. The place is fickle, but goes off when there is full swell in the islands. I have a friend of mine who lives in CR and flies in when its if it is worth flying that far...then go and ignore all this BS!

By Jan , 25-09-2003

bad boys - well, what is there to say? shame that the name of the place has been disclosed, but who knows, might not even be the correct name/place... i know the real place as i stayed for quite some time. it's not that bad - weekdays 6 am and nobody around, even with swell , rastamen still sleeping.... too much weed... do not worry about the locals, show respect and they might even say hi the next month or year. many of em are rich, no surf-punks at all, but a few are excellent surfers (not the ones that yell though).
conclusion: don't come here for the surf!

By , 18-09-2003

overrated - this place is severly overated. I come every once in a while and while it may get ridable sometimes it is hardly ever, and it is not like it is an ultimate wave or anything. Some years ago when I was 13 some trini local tried to fight me just because i would look like i was going to go for the wave if he didn't make it past the section. That was about 6 years ago. If you enjoy sitting on the beach or fishing go here. You may get decent waves every 4 weeks or so.

By anonymous , 27-08-2003

trini sucks - now with the fuckin net, everybody knows when theres swell. so whe one hits, 50 fuckin trini boys magically appear on the beach, and they are the ones who localize the spot. true locals are cool if they see you respect and take your turn. once I saw a fuckin trinitarian run over three guys in one single session, and then started a fight with another australian-trinitarian motherfucker, who actually deserved it cause he was the biggest asshole I´ve ever seen. don´t go there, its not worth the wait, go to costa rica where everyone is a local.

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