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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Mount irvine bay


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By chris , 14-02-2005

any other spots - Hi
Coming to tobago in march.Is their any other good surf spots around or certain areas of the island i should look at.

By Its me , 07-01-2005

Agree and disagree! - Share the spot, its sick and its not owned by anyone. There is allot more localism elsewhere, and about the kooks, I am sure he speaks about the f**king wannabe weekend surfers that feel its their god given right to drop in on others.
And to the gentlemen who said all trini surfers suck besides chris and 2 others...on the contrary, bago locals have been spoilt, a perfect wave can make anyone look great, 90% of you look like drowning rats when thrown into beach breaks.

By Plenty pepper , 21-12-2004

You don't have to be dread to be rasta... - fact I wear a bowler hat and boardshorts. Bowler Ashanti stylee. Respect to the locals at Mt Irvine (and by that I mean the locals not the 'white rasta' types referred to below) and all surfers in sweet TnT. Localism there? It don't compare to what happens elsewhere in the world in far shittier and colder waves. Get tings in perspective. Happy Solstice.

By Mr. Roti Barataria , 18-12-2004

A wretched place - Horrid rude people. Full of homeless European white rasta types and locals who suck up to them like the tons of stray dogs that also hang around. The men here are evil, the women, heavenly. Put up a sign for god's sakes that say's 'Don't walk on the Reef" if you're so damned upset about people walking on it. And I'm from here!

By truth , 15-12-2004

Kooks? - If you don't want tons of kooks in the lineup, ban all the visiting Trini surfers. With the exception of Chris Dennis and 1 or 2 others they are easily the worst in the Caribbean, if not in the Americas. Why? The same localism that you're so proud of - sure it keeps crowds away but it also keeps new ideas, styles and progression away as well. Do you think that without visiting surfers and good competitions the standards in Bdos, PR, Costa Rica, etc would be so high? Duh, anyhow who care about all dem ting boy, once i getting my wave dat doh matta to me yes. Moron.

By Trini , 13-12-2004

reply - Hey buddy, its the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. That's why we know so much about our sister isle.

By anonymous , 12-12-2004

the truth is a lie, believe me - how would someone who lives in trinidad no more about a surf destination in tobago than someone who lives there. and its people like them who make up such stuff so they can try to have it for themselves. y doesnt every1 jus share the waves mother nature gives us. she gives us all waves not just some.

By One Trinidadian , 01-12-2004

The Truth! - Its sad that the spot has been named, WE DO NOT WANT ANOTHER SOUP BOWLS where tons of kooks crowd the lineup!! Anyway here goes...
Firstly the wave has a mind of its own, it breaks when it wants too and therefore it is difficult to time the right swell. NO matter what people tell you, IT IS VERY INCONSISTENT! You can go there for a month and score no surf AT ALL , even in the right season
However when surf is up it's classic, but you then have to deal with heavy heavy localism. In my opinion the island has better less crowded surf to offer, so does the rest of the caribbean. GO TO SOUP BOWL

By BigT , 20-11-2004

Thanks - Thanks to everyone in the water over the past week for making Tobago such a special place. Mount Irvine last weekend was world class. Made Uluwatu, Bali look tame.
The best people in the Carribean. Thanks to SweatCat & Biscuit for the surf tour.

By anonymous , 18-10-2004

surf in feb - thinking about travelling to Tobago in feb 2005 with my pal from tobaga now living in Scotland wi me. Is swell likely for that time of year and if so how busy.
The surf in Scotland is pretty good but fu*king cold so I'm looking forward to a bit of warmth both from the sea temperature and locals. Remember what goes around comes around.
I can sit in the fridge with people or not, its up to the locals. I have every faith that the locals will be cool. If I do meet you remember Scotland is a different country from England so don't call me English. nae bother.

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