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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Mount irvine bay


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By Colin , 26-07-2005

- I've gotten this place good several times. show up february to july and it will probably be flat. go between august and january and plan on spending one month to get 1 week of surf. it can vary from waist high to double over head (seen pictures but never surfed it more then a couple of feet over). This is the atlantic/carribean so dont expect consistency, hope for quality. be patient, eat some roti, and puff a dube.

Also, understand that the locals wait and wait and wait for the great days which dont come that often. Most of them dont have the option of hopping a plane to the mentawais or whenits flat. Show some respect. some of the local guys rip so they'll probably just take the set waves. Accept it, its only fair.

buddy who got the board stolen, you sound like a prick. i dont blame the guy who robbed you. its called karma. your girl was probably winking at him when you werent looking.

By Aisah Shee-Tong , 15-06-2005

haha - quoted from earlier post

"Wow! Talk about a radical crew! Gervais is the kingpin down there, I was scared to even look at him. These guys live big coz they are larger than life. I got some serious chest high juice that saw local charger 'Teatray' taking off REAL deep - dat man krazee!"

this had to be a joke. that man dont even surf he sponges and teatray sucks balls, hes like a noisy monkey out in the water

By , 14-06-2005

Surfboards for rent? - I'm going to Tobago next week, but my father don't let me take with my surfboard. Somebody who knows if there are any place were I can rent this or something? Sincerly Fredrik

By , 13-06-2005

rolling to Tobago end of june - any one want to drop me some info, e.g. where to go/stay around then? if you don't want to blow somewhere up, you can email it to me. also, should I get wheels?

By anonymous , 18-05-2005

Hey brother from earth reply - Hey brother from earth, because they'll drown. Stop smoking that F**king s**t and start surfing.

And for the previous message, we also have policemen on the island. Use them (we taxpayers are paying for them).

By Your brother from earth , 15-05-2005

What is a local? - The lord sends waves for all his children. We're all locals of the earth, brothers and sisters. What if God didn't want to share his local waves?
Why is the ocean only touching some people and not getting inside them?

By anonymous , 23-04-2005

TOBAGO SUCKS... - MAN...Worst surf trip ever. Two week honeymoon wiuth my wife in the middle of winter. No waves, boards stolen, girlfriend harrassed on the beach, video camera stolen. Trust Me DO NOT TRAVEL TO TOBAGO. NIGHTMARE.

By anonymous , 15-04-2005

Tobago 1975 - Buccoo surfed - I know some people that surfed Buccoo in the last month. Got drilled to the bottom.

By Sponger from T&T , 21-03-2005

missing it - I havent been able to experience the joys of Tobago's surf for the past two seasons. Studying in Canada is tough. But next season I will be back home in my sister isle. Its a great place is you know where to go.

By Shark Bait , 17-02-2005

Tobago 1975 - I first surfed Tobago in 1975-76 from October through January. At that time the only local was Billy the lifeguard. Lived in a shack on stilts and with a fisherman Gideon in Black Rock. Surfed some of the best surf I have ever surfed world wide. Although the points can go flat for many days or weeks, when it's on it's truly a gift from god. I probably would not recognize much of Tobago today, but I'm sure it's still one of those special corners of the world where pumping days go by and no one outside of Mt. Irvine Bay even knows or cares.
At the time I made an agreement that we would never talk, write or brag about Tobago, but after thirty years of silence I figure that most people are more interested in going to a surf camp in Sumatra, Tavarua, or Tahiti.
Buccoo Reef, what can I say? I use to sit at Mt. Irvine and watch huge waves with 20'offshore spray coming off the backs at Buccoo reef. Somebody has got to be surfing Buccoo Reef by now! Gideon and I trolled by Buccoo on a glassy, grey, rainy day. It was 12' to 15' and pealing.
Tobago was my surfing salvation. Only a year before I was lying in a hospital after a massive great white shark attack off Point Sur California. A year later I was on the adventure of a lifetime. In 1975 Tobago was not only about firing points, but about the entire experience. A remote island that few had ever heard about or surfed. A beautiful culture of people living in one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. In a time when everyone I knew was on an airplane for the "North Shore", the Holly Grail of seventies surfing, I was fishing with Gideon, snorkeling Buccoo Reef, and surfing the best wave I had ever seen with Paul, Tony, and Billy the lifeguard.

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