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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Puerto Rico

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By John Kinstle , 07-07-2010

John Kinstle Opened This Spot - I was stationed at Ramey AFB from 1969 to 1973. I was President of the Ramey AFB Surf Club. It used to be off limiits to surf here, although several of us did. After getting a ticket for surfing there, I went to the Base Commander and talked him into opening it up for surfing. I haven't been back since 1973. The shore line used to be very jagged so not many people surfed there, but after surf leases came out, it became very popular. Some of the regular crew who surfed there were myself, Terry & Barry Hagedon, Mike Hamilton, Steve Smith, Bob Funderburk, and others. Caught it classic many days.

By Willy , 16-12-2009

- I'm from the oposite part of the island and surfing 30+ years all over and on the right day you'll find the big/longest righthandler in P.R. or should I say Caribbean.Aloha y Feliz Navidad ,to my westbrothers is my wish from one from La Selva.

By Anonymous , 16-02-2008

good spot - it was rough getting here in my toyota yaris but the locals were cool. they even showed me some more spots n the area. good luck with the reef.

By Mark Sharky , 17-02-2007

Big January - I was down the second week of Jan. 07 for a short 4 day stint when I knew the swell was coming up and it sure did! First day was mediocre at beast shoulder high but fun. Day 2 it came up in the am and we surfed Ruins as you first come into Wildo area it was up to 2 ft. overhead and perfecto peeling left and rights me and my bud had it for 2 hours, then the wind got on it so we moved down to the parking lot. It was a bit smaller but started to fill in nicely by afternoon tons of fun great waves and good vibe. Day 3 mackin baby too big for me double overhead and up to 16' on the face, paddled out and caught 2 waves then came in as it was a bit sketchy which always seems to happen first day the swell gets big, maybe in my younger days ;-0 .
So in the afternoon we went around the point to The Mix and Pressure point talk about a serious rip bicep burn was a 10. Day 4 swell drop to 10' + on the face an it was fun but my leash broke :-( , thanks to some friendly fellow NJ surfers I was back in the water in no time & over all a great session I love this place! Been going here since the late 80's its sure as hell beats NJ in the winter when you get tired of the cold.

By another Gringo , 29-01-2007

To: Piss Off Gringo - dude, I can understand that you wouldn't like anyone bashing your turf, but you need to wake up and smell reality. Yes, PR is a tropical paradise and has many redeeming qualities (i.e., great waves and BEAUTIFUL women).

But don't blame the American gov't for PR's shortcomings. PR is, in fact, receiving quite a bit of U.S. dollars which amount to a subsidy (or welfare, if you will). If the money is misappropriated, it's due to the fact that PR politicians and bureaucrats are easily as corrupt as their Mexican/Columbian/El Salvador/Bolivian/Peruvian/Chilean etc. counterparts. Along with a history of unchallenged corruption, PR is one of the most crime-ridden countries in the Western Hemisphere. Again, the comparisons would be akin to Columbia or other Latin nation.

The reasons for any downsides in PR do not lie with Americans or their not try to use the typical Latin justification for the island's shortcomings. The truth of the matter is, PR's problems are caused by inherent Latin history---that of crime and corruption.

By Anonymous , 31-07-2006

love it - Dang man, this place was great. Locals can be a little harsh on you at times because this place is way hidden away from the main roads. If you can find it and have enough balls to paddle out and sit for an hour without a wave, then go for it. If you wait your turn then the locals will let you surf. Don't go in thinking you are the best surfer in the world cuz these guys will make you think otherwise. Amazing surfers, amazing break.

By Anonymous , 29-06-2006

Piss off Gringo! - Im american and i love this island. If you can afford the fantasy wonderlands of Maui and Socal then do so! This island has more to offer than most states despite the corrupt government you speak of and the apathetic stance towards fair trade and misbudgeting the american congress imposed on PR. So in short... Eat get off this Island you rich WASP-y git!

By anonymous , 09-08-2005

Ditching PR for DR - OK for the first time in many years I will not be going to PR as I am giving the nort shore of DR the island next door a shot :-) I will be staying in an all inclusive resort near Puerto Plata I hear many good waves and lots of lefts do to the more Nwest to Seast angle of the island. I will miss Wildo but I think DR may be just as good and cost less. I will let you know.

By A fellow bodyboarder , 26-04-2005

Replying to: Oregon Sucks - First question... are you latin person or a spanish speaker?

2nd question... Do you like bad drivers and trash on your beaches?

3rd question... Do you enjoy a corrupt government and police who dont stop crime and run away from the mafia/drug runners instead of challenging them?

4th question... Do you enjoy loud latin music that has the same exact drum beat for every song (reggaton)?

5th question... Do you enjoy not being able to drive when it rains because Puerto Rican planning did not account for proper drainage on their roads and flooding is rampant (manhole covers disappear mysteriously too)?

6th and last question... Do you enjoy uncrowded tropical barreling reefbreaks with a huge bodyboarding community/talent pool and no worries of a shark attack?

If you answered yes to all of these questions... then PR is for you. Personally, I would move somewhere else if I had the choice. Go to Maui or SoCal or Australia or something like that. Puerto Rico is pretty aggrivating at times and i would not recommend it. I've lived here for over a year now and cant wait to move away in September.

By Oregon sucks , 24-04-2005

Want to move to Puerto Rico because is Rico - So, I live in the states north, Oregon to be specific. How can I describe it in two words?? IT SUCKS.
I wanna move to Puerto Rico and be away from rednecks, rain, snow and white sharks. Any advise about how is there? How is the economy for a graduate student? is a good idea? are there lots of job opportunities? what about the cost of living? Any information would be very helpful. Help this lost bodyboarder in Oregon. Plop! what the hell Am I doing here anyways???

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