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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Table rock

Puerto Rico

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By John Kinstle , 07-07-2010

Great Wave - I lived at Ramey AFB from 1968 to 1973. I opened Wilderness up for surfing in 1970 by getting the Base Commander to lift the restricted designation from that spot. I surfed Table Rock only one time sometime in between 1971 and 1973. It was huge, the largest I ever rode in PR. None of my friends would go out. Broke my lease and lost my board on a cleanup set before I caught the first wave. Swam in, put wax in the dings, and paddled back out for a classic session. Only me and two other guys were out. I'd say it was close to 20'.

By Anonymous , 15-12-2009

d javier - check out Table Rock Condo!!!
Great apartments for surfers, right in front of Table Rock beach....great to buy.
I sayed at a friend's apartment and the view, accomodations and accesibility for surfing was great!!!

By Anonymous , 03-12-2009

Not for novices - I have surfed the spot a couple of times and heard the horror stories about the underwater caves and gnarly inside. I came out okay and had some great rides on swells of 6-8ft. But on my last session I got caught inside by DoubleOH+ set waves and left a serious amount of my skin on the incredibly shallow reef there. Take my word and scars as proof, not for beginners or intermediates who are not VERY familiar with the spot.

By Anonymous , 25-03-2009

- If you are not from here don't surf here... Go back to the Mainland... I don't go to Florida for surf.

By mi gusta , 20-01-2009

power - super powerful holds big waves lots of paddeling not for beginers

By Anonymous , 29-07-2007

Table rock is in Aguada - My now wife grew up about 100 feet from Table Rock in Aguada. Standing on Table rock looking towards the beach, her home was slightly to the left beyond the seawall.

By Anonymous , 31-05-2007

shade of indo - I stumbled upon Table Rock one morning in February.
There was a very localized high pressure system (couple of km at most) which lasted until midday during a 6-8 foot swell. Check table rock during bigger swells and for highly localized wind patterns (2 km can make a difference).

In general, from my experience renting a car and checking the West and Northwest coast regularly is required for Puerto Rico surf travel. Since your in the Atlantic El Nino years also matter as does looking for a good string of Winter storms pushing East off the US mainland.

By Ras PR , 12-10-2006

corret photos - the photos that you have now are the correct ones, thanks wannasurf people!!!

By Anonymous , 26-09-2006

mistaken location - NOT Aguadilla but Aguada - You are mistaken. Table rock is in Aguada not Aguadilla. It is pretty inconsistent mainly in that it seems just does not break right when it's small. Very near by are other more consistent spot's like the most consistent Pico Piedra - bad thing about it is that it is too hard breaking and somewhat short - usually the whole center section just closes - it just gets too shallow all of sudden and reef can be somewhat bad - not real sharp but many urchins, i only go out there at the highest tide. Just across the way actually you can paddle(somewhat long though i've done it more) than once is avalanche - a rather long way from shore break(though not nearly as far out as Kuta reef, Bali) it can be good though again somewhat inconsistent - but would say more consistent than table rock. And besides that there are other beach break type waves that break on rock though that are not too bad - much more consistent than Table rock though not as quality or powerful when table rock is working right which is rather rare.

By Carlos Diablo de levittown. , 21-05-2006

Photo #3 - Photo #3 is definetely Table Top in Aguadilla PR. I've surfed it many times and I'll recognize it anywhere.

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