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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Left indo

Puerto Rico

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By Anonymous , 26-05-2008

local - please dont write anything more about this spot or erase what you have written, especially if you are not from here (Lance), if you ever plan on going back...

By Lance , 19-01-2006

- I forgot to add this in the last post. Surfing there is very relaxing and Zen like as it is amazingly beautiful, quiet (most likely it will be just you and whoever you go with and no-one else within sight). My friend John and I have a nickname for this spot--God's Beach.
*****Tip*****Bring a gallon of water and a baby oil in a book bag. When you get out of the water, you can wash off the salt and have a drink for the long long long walk back after your already exhausted and thirsty. The baby oil is for the crotch area between the legs to avoid the rash--lol--serious it helps you will thank me. This tip also applies for the surf spots La Selva, and El Faro (both very long walks). Also if you know you will be getting out of the water around dusk pack mosquito spray otherwise you will be bled dry on your long walk and itching all the way home.

By Lance , 19-01-2006

- This wave does exist, and the name is Milimeters. Its a small wave break. Actually I like to go there when almost nowhere else is breaking except Aviones, because it is a wave magnet and will pick up any trace swell. The reef refracts the wave to make it double what the acutal size is, problem is once the swell starts to pick up past 4-6ft else where this spot is already closing out.

Generally you can only surf it on a N- NE swell direction not any bigger than 2 foot overhead as the water is very shallow and the wave starts to close out. Though if that happens you can paddle 300 yards further down the outside reef to Racetracks which can be an amazing (right only) wave. Very Dangerous, very fast, very hollow that breaks 50 feet in front of a reef that comes out of the water along the whole wave.
Anyway getting back to Milimeters depending on the prevailing direction of the swell it can be either a short right- longer left A frame, or a left only and slight longer ride. Both directions will give you a fast pitching take off in about 4 feet of water over sharp coral, with just enough time to do a quick bottom turn and tuck under the lip for about 2 secs before the wave starts to collapse and die out.

By menourikefak , 31-12-2002

This site is BS - Why are there at least sixty "World Class, in Top 30" breaks on here. Ya Bro, Jetty Park FL....totally epic, world class, six inch out for the locals though. Gimme a break.

By Low Pressure Mag. , 30-12-2002

bunch of morons - The wave is there is real it breaks consistenly and no one surf it for a reason. I have score a bunch of times with the local pros and the pictures we got have been publish in many international mags. And Ricky Watusi I sorry but the real name of this wave is MILIMITERS o MILIMETRO. Any way it is not near the best wave of the islan. Puerto Rico has too many good waves.

By rudolf , 26-09-2002

not easy - i´m sorry bat goog waves two days in a year!!!!!

By , 06-08-2002

Maybe your talking of Pussy point - Anyways the wave mentioned does exist but locals have told me it is insane. Not worth it at all. But there is another wave by 7 seas, a right, called racetracks. Although I have never riden the wave myself(too gnarly and too far out to surf alone). I have seen it break and locals tell me it is the best wave on the island.

By The 1 & only Riki Watusi so watch out , 28-06-2002

Gringo Fools - C'mon guys, get real... This spot first of all is called MYSTO,
second, the above comments are right on target. I've left a clue as to wheres the mambo but don't tell annyone.

By anonymous , 27-06-2002

no title - Stop doing drugs while on the job.This is an illusion.Surfed the first time by mistake cause the surfer was a divorced, father of 10, on the run from justice.

By anonymous , 27-06-2002

THIS IS NOT EVEN A REAL SURFING SPOT - Guys, i dont know how or where you get your information from but the truth is that this is not a "surfing spot". There is a breaking wave, but as you say it is very rare for it to be ridable, and even then it is a drop and pray for your dear life...... People who started surfing this "spot" are locos. It seems that now a days since there are so much crowds, a wave that by its nature wouldnt be even considered is now an alternative to cram more bodies into the ocean

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