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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 La ocho

Puerto Rico

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By Taco , 23-02-2009

- No cheap places in sanjuan! If you want to surf the best spots in PR you DONT want to stay in the capital anyways... Now if you have common sense you want to stay in the western part of the north shore,there are lots of the so called "paradores" where you can stay without paying much. The best thing about these places is that, by staying there you are helping the local economy, that is fucked up right about now. We appreciate when you spend mula and it stays in the island. Warm people, less crowds and the best waves of the Caribbean. Look it up!!

By wiley , 16-01-2007

need a place to stay - can anybody give me any info on a good (fairly inexpensive) place to stay in san juan? im going there in march and im looking for somewhere decent to stay. thanks.

By anonymous , 19-01-2006

- The wave that breaks on the east side of the rock is called Little Fiji, a fun left only ledging hollow takeoff, starts breaking 3 foot and can be ridden up to 6-8ft faces before it stops working. The take off peak is in 4 feet of water and then it deepens out making the wave back off and get mushy. Reforms again on the inside.
Unless you know how to get thru the reef or paddle out with someoone that knows dont go. If will hurt you, better to paddle to the west side (La Ocho) and have fun.

By , 07-09-2005

surf lessons at la ocho - Hey everyone-I am visiting San Juan from New York City next month for my birthday. I live in Rockaway Beach and have been learning to surf in my neighborhood. Do you know of anyone that would offer surf lessons at La Ocho? I definitely want to be able to take advantage of the good waves while I'm there. The waves in Rockaway leave something to be desired! thanks :)

By anonymous , 03-07-2005

Grom - yea sry dude i ment it was a fun wave when it's on. My bad.....

By paul or gallego si sabes quien soy , 24-06-2005

puerto rico - i surfed puerto rico for 15 years and i can tell you that chatarra,gaschambers,secret spot in isabella,snapple in outside reefs in dorado and hollows are the best waves including catapulta in pinones.

By , 18-06-2005

left right or right left - like ocho secret says, the left on the right side of the rock (east side) is very heavy and it will hurt you unless you commit, it is close to the rocks and hardly ever breaks because it needs a north swell. The popular right of the left hand side of the rock is easy and forgiving, the seabed on that side is smooth coral and deep, you would be hard pressed to injure yourself there. Judge not!

By Grom , 11-06-2005

Grom - yea...hey it's me again...well I go to La Ocho alot, but I've never been to the right side of the question....Is it dangerous?? Is the reef right there??

By , 01-05-2005

Thanks....... - La Ocho is a reall cool place. The rights are great for longboarding and old farts (like me). The rights can hold 3 x overhead. That left on the east side of the rock is just SICK! When it is on (the left), it is hollow, fast, and dangerous. The guys in the water are always yelling something (in Spanih) at me; hey, big up to you too. No,seriously, the place gets a little crowded when its on but it is still my home break and the locals are pretty cool. The bikinis on the beach are the clincher!!

By Grom , 17-04-2005

Woohoo! - HAHAHA!! The best wave in San Juan......and could be in Puerto Rico. The waves get huge and powerful, but you won't get hurt. The only thing you must worry about is getting to tired and drowning when it gets big. Hey, I'm a grom its an easy wave to surf and an awesome ride!! If your visiting and wanna surf this is the place to go!!

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