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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Jobo s

Puerto Rico

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By Lisa heven , 17-11-2017

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By Mike Thompson , 24-06-2010

Jobos locals - The locals at Jobos, they're families own the business on the beach, several generations have grown up on the beach there, they don't have a ton of money like California beach families, are incredibly friendly and warm, despite having their beaches and waves being invaded every weekend by San Juaneros and Americans who treat PR like a 3rd world country. The rock at Jobos is almost off limits to non-locals, period. If the boys are on it, it's theirs, paddle down the beach. Give them that. When its empty go get it. If it's not, surf the peak over or be prepared to scrap for that peak. You can't walk onto a prime basketball court in Brooklyn and expect to play the next game. You gotta work your way up to that court. Its no different in surfing. Imagine the world invading your front yard everyday, leaving trash all over the place, taking up all the parking spots and cutting in line everywhere you go. I promise you, you surf Jobos with respect, you will have NO problems. Give them the rock. It's theirs. Thats all they want. That,and not to be dropped in on. Locals keep order at every spot. Be grateful.

By Anonymous , 28-09-2009

locals are punks - i surfed this spot when i went to pr last january. there wasn't much swell but the trades were blowing pretty hard so by the afternoon a little windswell picked up that was wrapping around the rock into jobo's offering a wave better then any of the other 10 spots we checked that day. even on a day with shitty waves i still had an issue with a local in the water. the drift was bad that day so you had to sit near the rock to avoid being swept down away from the takeoff. i was completely respectful the whole time i was in the water, never cut anyone off or even came close, and was letting people go on waves all day. still, some punk local kid who was cutting people off left and right felt the need to tell me i had to move down the beach away from the rock. i was completely confused why he was hasseling me, and he took off on a wave right after he said that and then didnt paddle back out, so i just stayed by the rock. i met a bunch of really cool locals in rincon and had a great time hanging with them all week. theres just a small percentage of locals who are just jerks and will harass you just for being a gringo. obviously a little punk local doesnt pose a real threat, the problem is if he wasnt to all he has to do is paddle into the beach and tell his older brother and all his friends some gringo is bothering him and they will be happy to teach you a lesson. it has nothing to do with being respectful (though you should), youre gonna run into jerks at this spot, along with spots all over the world. just try to play nice and dont let the jerks win.

By mi gusta , 20-01-2009

Play it smart - I read all these comments and cant believe how many of you have had issues there. If your a butthole you will get treated as such. Mad respect for the local. I've surfed this spot over several years and I seen people get hasseled but that happens everywhere timing is everything . Respect goes along way I LOVE JOBOS and I will vibe you so dont be a douche and know your limits.

By Anonymous , 08-04-2008

- a fun rippable wave with an easy entry and exit. Being from california and surfing a lot in hawaii, this break isn't as nearly localized as the locals seem to think it is(sorry east coasters, haven't been out your way yet). But there are locals there so give them respect and you'll have absolutely no problem getting your set waves.

By Anonymous , 27-05-2007

Sick!!! - This place is a sick wave! Surfed here in mid January this past winter. I dunno why it says beach break though, i saw the reef, not to mention hit it before. So beware of that. But yeah this wave just wedges up and barrels right next to the jump rock. Connect it to the next section and your in for a nice powerful wave.

By Anonymous , 20-04-2007

- You can go to JOBOS in the middle of July or August and catch at least a waist high. Most consistent break in the island. Some of the best surfers P.R has ever had were spawned in JOBOS, PAPO "PINGRI", COCOLO, RAULITO GONZALEZ,WILFREDO"CONTROL"DELIZ,The TOTH BROTHERS,and ME back in the late 80's early 90's when i was kicking ass in the boys category (locally that is !) i'm a JOBOS local (well, was anyway) I have'nt seen a beach in 10yrs. 1988 we had the Budweiser Surf Tour - 1989 we had the ProAm (was it Richie Collins that won that ??) So i have been in the JOBOS's waters with Kelly Slater,Dean Randazzo,Sean Slater,Jim Hogan,and a bunch of big names back then. I even bought a board from a guy named John Logan (or Hogan) i think was his name, it was broken in half and i had it fixed at Pelicano and it was one of the best boards i ever had. Have'nt been to the island in 10 yrs. Have'nt surfed in 10yrs. As long as you don't drop in on anybody or start acting a dumbass you should be fine but even people from the island get dealt with if they slip so it's not a "GRINGO" thing.

By zac the gringo , 21-12-2006

locals here are big maricon pussies - The locals at this spot are pussies.... They suck at surfing and think they are good. They drop in on you then yell at you for it, and half of them are spongers. If there were not like twenty of them out there i would kick the piss out of them. so to all the dick head locals at jobos, 'suck my balls maricons' especially the pussy on the al merrick with tattoos and fucked up are a pussy come to my home break and ill cut your throat with my fins and watch you choke on your own blood...

By Anonymous , 31-07-2006

Always - I went there and surfed and the first day we surfed jobos was absolutely the most amazing wave i ever surfed. This place breaks even when the rest of the island is flat. If you walk out on the rock, dont step off to the left (urchin bed) and watch out for huge waves breaking over the rock, they will sweep you into the urchin bed. The first day i surfed there the locals were saying it was 8-10 foot faces. Amazing wave

By you know who u are , 12-04-2006

watch out for the red longboard - when i surfed this spot i saw some local run over this white guy totally on purpose where he could of easily avoided it. Then he bitched out the guy for ruining his ride. then he told of some girl for no reason, hes a jerk so watch out for him for whoever surfs this spot

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