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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Puerto Rico

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By Anonymous , 02-09-2006

- roger is the lord...of indys

By anonymous , 01-02-2006

Locals - I've been to P.R 10 times since 1984 and the surfing population has exploded. So guess what ,you're going to have to deal with the locals, who by the way are better to deal with than the lame ex-pats who think they own the place. If you show respect , don't try to take over the peak when you paddle out( which you couldn't do if you tried) and don't travel in a group like pack of rats , you'll be fine.I've probably left 6 boards down there for the local kids and believe me it pays because guess what, those kids are now adults and they remember.I've been turned to quite a few great secret spots. I you want to surf without crowds all you have to do is look because it's there. GIve a smile get a smile for the most part and remember you are the guest. See ya there in a few weeks.

By anonymous , 01-02-2006

highbrow stuff - good points from all of you. no answering back to that really. the most measured intellegent set of comments on the site. carlos for president!

By mi gusta boricua , 23-01-2005

dont listen to fear - I know an American from Connecticut moved to Texas then DC this retard went into someones house and just started blowing the F out of it he also disregards all enviromental concerns and robs his own people of there incomes education and health care I can go on forever crime is everywhere including the white house dont be afraid or you wont leave your moms teet

By TRASH MAN , 02-12-2004

back to Carlos - Happy Holidays Bro! I have surfed all over world. Americans may pollute the environment with the S.U.V.S. but I have never seen pollution in the ocean like in the Dominican Republic. Something has to be done to help those people dispose of the trash properly. I thought you may be able to help because you seem to be the smartest guy in P.R.

By cerF , 01-12-2004

Right on Carlos - Don't come to Puerto Rico and vibe on the locals. This is their island and we are guests here. I have met a few bad people living here, but the overwhelming majority of Puerto Ricans have been some of the most friendly people I have ever met. Hope to see you in the water Carlos.

By the way, spongers are everywhere down here. Do not skane them or you will have problems.

By Carlos , 06-06-2004

spelling bee? - Hey Bro,

Good point. I wrote that message in haste, so those werent really spelling mistakes. They were TYPOS. You DO know the difference, dont you?

Anyways, an education is not measured by the spelling or miss-spelling of words in an informal electronic submission, but on knowledge of people, ideas, cultures and the ability to engage in independent thinking.

cheers bro,


By English Master , 11-05-2004

spelling bee / Carlos - You have a couple good points, but learn how to spell bro before you call someone uneducated.

By Carlos , 08-05-2004

take it easy - Oye Mano,
Dont be a racist. YOu are obviously not an educated person, and not a seasoned traveler. If you were, you would know that there is good and bad people evrywhre, AND you would get a better sense of your own people. Because, pound for pound, Americans are the most polluting and abusive people on Earth. If you see the incredible waste and pollution inflicted upon all the estuaries, swamps, and marshes of the Eastern US, and still accusse other people of being inferior becasue they do not respect their envioronment, then you dont know anything at all, my friend...

By anonymous , 11-02-2004

P.R. LOCALS - surfed Marias,Indicators,Wilderness,Middles,Secret Spot,Table Tops,Tres Palmas[SCARY BIG] winter of 96? Table Tops was the best!! If we witnessed some surfers from Jersey and their girlfriends getting robbed gunpoint in broad daylight at Indicators, I cant imagine how dangerous it is these days!!! Maybe there is a police presence now. Will somebody tell me if the cops have the little boggie board gangs under control? If they havent, I would be very careful what you say and do around these locals who seem to have only futures in violent crime sprees.Watch your back and always leave car windows down while surfing[unless you like broken windows] I still remember following a car {Locals} have them throw an empty 12 pack ,once again broad daylight,right into the middle of the once clean hillside.I feel like alot of locals dont like Americans in general {jealous probably}its obvious they dont respect their environment either.

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