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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 El unico

Puerto Rico

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By Gabi_del_unico , 18-09-2010

Algo de noticias, pa' que sepan como va: - Bueno, pues El Unico es un spot pa' boogies, es un shorebreak bien rapido, las olas son de 5 a 4 pies cuando no hay mucho viento, y cuando lo hay, son de 6 pies pa' arriba y pal carajo el shorebreak, las olas se alargan mas. Acuerdensen, es pa' boogies por la simple razon que es un shorebreak y si vas con tabla y no sabes:
1. Te vas a aburrir.
2.Se te va a espetar en la arena. 3.Pidele a Dios que cuando se te espete no se te estille.

Es bueno por que el piso no es arrecife, es arena, pero aunque sea arena ten cuidao que el piso es duro. Y es bueno pa' tablas, pa' el que sabe, el que no sabe, no se lo recomiendo por las 3 razones que puse. Mas arlado de esa playa quedan varios spots como: El Puerto, Shorebreak, Palmitas, Punta Salinas, Sky Surf, Cochino, Piedras, Almejas y La Boca(La Boca del rio de Bayamon, tiene otro nombre pero no me lo se.). Que se la disfruten, esa playa es pa' to el mundo, no hay localismo, y mantenganla limpia.

By Gabi_del_unico , 22-03-2010

Read it and dont do it. - Yo wut up,I surf at El Unico,to me is an awesome beach,but its for bugy boards only,I tell you I brought my surfboard and there werent any waves to catch,and it broke becouse of the short wave,it gut stuck in the sand and some idiot guy who I was with grab the board without my permision and broke it.Anyway,its a good spot,for bugy boards,it good for surfboards wen it winter or wen the waves are 4 to 5ft and up.O y no presten la tabla a ningun cab... q dice q sabe,pq mira lo q me paso a mi.

By Anonymous , 05-12-2008

El Unico es una paja mental 2 - Loco what are u , high??!! Yes, the spot has suffered deterioration due to the new construction and sand filling, however on some days on winter the spot is really good. Last week the waves were solid 8 ft. Even Babby Quinonez was there with a filming crew. You dont know sh!%, probably you are a "gremo" who just learned to stand on the board. But feel free to come, the waves are for everybody.

By Anonymous , 11-09-2008

imbecil - this is one of da best beaches ever when its winter u dont know nothing... too bad ur soo ignorant. anyways great beach awsome airs if u got da balls

By Anonymous , 04-08-2008

El Unico is a Paja Mental - Who rates this spots? World class? Come on. This is not even a surfing spot... It is a dumping shore break good for "spongers" to get whacked. The people who hang out here are a bunch of losers who have not learned to surf. ...

By Anonymous , 24-11-2006

strong wave - you will surf it one day

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