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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Puerto Rico

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By mikel , 17-09-2005

moving to rincon - What is the best way to ship surfboards to pr I got the house set up the tickets arranged but I have alot of boards and dive gear nobody wants to say ish at the airlines about shipping and the moving companys wanna charge a foritune
information would help

By br , 14-09-2005

SURFING SEASON IN PUERTO RICO - the surfing season start when the cold fronts begins to reach the island, that's for late november hopefully to march or april hopefully. so i recomend you to come on april so you can have more probabilities. summer depends on hurricanes with no direct impact or damage to the island...welcome to pr.

By , 13-09-2005

Surfing in Puerto Rico - Hey guys! Im planning my holiday for next year and i just was wondering when the best time, season is in Puerto Rico to rely to get a surf. im going to be there for 2weeks.

is it better in july/august or in april?


By , 12-09-2005

ricko - hola ricko. this is my e-mail. let me know your flight number an time of arrival.

By Ricko , 07-09-2005

to BR - Hola! I've considered all the options, you've mentioned and I'll take your offer to bring me to Rincon. I'm calling from Holland. I will give you a ring and leave a message with my number and e mail address. If you want you can contact me by e-mail.(cheaper) Adios

By br , 06-09-2005

RICKO - Hi Ricko! Sorry but I did change my number. The cell number now is 1-787-619-2485. Where from you are calling me? I'll wait for your call. Hasta luego.

By anonymous , 05-09-2005

to Boricua Rasta - I've tried to contact you on the number you've giffen me. But I don't know what is wrong with the number but it is not working. Do you have another number or maybe you can contact me.(0031 6 51764925)
I am looking forward to you answer.

Al the best,
Rick (Ricko)

By boricua rasta , 04-08-2005

WELCOME TO PR - RICKO - there are a few ways to get from san juan to rincon..
first: take a plain, american airlines use to flight from sju to mayaguez but then you have to take a public car from mayaguez to rincon, that's about 30 to 45 mins away. second: take a taxi straight to rincon, they charge about $150 and takes about 3 hrs. third: take a public car shearing the trip with others and having a few stops; they charge about $75. fourth: for $100 i'll pick you up,give you a surf tour all the way to rincon. call me 787-466-8323 and leave me a msg, i'll call you back. WHY ARE YOU NOT BRINGING A SURFBOARD?

By Ricko , 27-07-2005

traveling to Rincon - I have already booked a ticked to San Juan, and arriving on the 2nd of October. How can I get from San Juan to Rincon I am traveling on my own and without a surfboard. Is there a bus or shuttle that I can get straight from the airport? (I have heard they are very unpredictable????)

By annonymous , 14-07-2005

To Ricko - If you are planning on surfing the west coast, (Rincon, Aguadilla, Isabela, etc.) try calling Rincon Surf and Board, they have a bunk room (hostel style). Rates are very reasonable. They are up the hill from Maria's Domes, Indicators, Palmas, etc, in Rincon. Also if you are going to surf the west coast of the island and don't need to go to San Juan. Try flying into Aguadilla with Jet Blue, instead of San Juan and save yourself minimum two hours of drive time (that is if there's no traffic)it could be more. Good luck to you!

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