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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Puerto Rico

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By , 15-03-2006

any into on the east coast - im heading out to the westin rio mar end of april. anyone have any info on the east side of the island. any chance of getting waves then?

By Ras PR , 11-03-2006

Board rentals - go to west coast surf shop web site to look for board rentals

By , 09-03-2006

board hire? - I'm coming to Puerto Rico on the 20th March with work. I'm not going to be able to bring my board so wondered if there was anywhere i could hire. Any ideas? Tom

By anonymous , 07-03-2006

RAS PR - go to and you can find all the information that you need to have a good time in the island

By anonymous , 03-03-2006

Hostels/Hotels In PR - Hey. Travelling to PR for spring break and wondering if I need to reserve a hotel/hostel before I get there? Also, what is a cheap price for a hotel/hostel? Is there camping? I just want to surf, not party to much.


By laird hamilton , 02-03-2006

arrival in puerto rico - hey guys,
myslef and a friend from the u.k are coming over ro P.R for some surf actio, but i just wondered how long it would take to drive from san juan to aquadilla for example. i hear the best waves are on the west coast. is it far?? thanks guys!!

By Ras PR , 20-02-2006

To Anonimus coming to PR in 06 - It is my understanding that you are going to PR in Spring break. You are correct, the west coast has the best spots in the island. That is because we recive the swells from U.S. Arecibo is in the north part of the island but has incredible surf spots too. Rincon is the most expensive place to stay because is famous, but if you have enough money to spend you are going to like it. it is not as expensive as U.S because you have to remember that we are sourranded by water so it is not a luxury to live in front of the ocean. My advise is that you should try to stay in one of the towns next to Rincon because they are cheaper.The west coast has basicly 4 towns Rincon, Aguada, Aguadilla and isabela. Aguada is the cheapest one to stay and has world class waves too.But everyone wants to go to Rincon. Aguadilla and isabela have amazing waves too. To get to Rincon from Aguada is just like a 10 min drive In spring break there is a huge college festival in Ponce And in the island of Culebra (east).This island that is part of PR has a beach that was rank #2 by travel channel inthe early 2000. Is a huge hang out. One thing to remember is that the puertoricans are very loud people and sometime weird to understand. I am puertorican myself and I know that we are not perfect but every country has problems and defects. The west coast is the coolest place to be in PR i Do not know why but it is diferent from other part of the island. If you have any question please let me know. I'm going to get some phome numbers for you if I can.
Ras PR

By anonymous , 19-02-2006

Coming to surf! - Hey me n my family are coming down to PR by of Aguadia. Were looking for a place to stay near the surf. If anyone has any info id apperciate it. Also do need to bring a board or is it easy enough to rent and are the board choices any good? Thanks for now and share the waves!
D Boy

By , 16-02-2006

Looking for big surf house. HELP! - Going down to PR in March with some of my surfing cronies. IM looking for a big House or condo big enough for 8 Adults and 6 kids. I would like some first hand info due to the fact we had a bad experience a few years back. I wont name any places! But we want a big clean place near the surf. Thanx

By Nik , 14-02-2006

Place to surf for beginers - If you are a beginner you should go to Pine Grove in Isla Verde. Check it out on the surf atlas. If you want surf lessons ask for Fernando Alverez at any surf shop or at Pine Grove. The waves are easy there.

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