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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Puerto Rico

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By Pineapples , 25-01-2007

hot spots - hey im from long island ny i have a house in san juan PR that i visit on to the fact ive only been there a couple of times i dont kno where there r ne good surf spots...could ne 1 help me out n tell me some good spots in the san juan area or around the san juan area...Thanx

By andrea , 23-01-2007

I need a good spot - I'm going to Puerto rico on spring break, but I don't want to be surrounded by hundreds of ridiculous drunk college kids. I want to surf in a cool surf spot, where everyone is there looking for the same thing, and just chillin', does anyone have any suggestions? I still want a young crowd, but you get what I'm saying...

By PistolPete , 18-01-2007

Rookie Surfers - In San Juan area 1st week of Feb. Questions about board rental where to rent, what kind? Wet suit neeeded? Water shoes? Best beaches? My boys are 12&18 this will be there 1st time out.

By wiley , 17-01-2007

IN NEED OF A PLACE TO STAY - hey guys, im traveling to the north coast of PR in march and i need a good place to stay (around $20-40 a night). i cant find anything on the internet except for hotels and i dont want to stay in a regular hotel. if anyone has any info on a cool cheap place to stay in san juan please let me know. thanks.

By Anonymous , 03-01-2007

Windswell - Well Jason, the Rincon area will only have minor wrap in the knee-high range and is super crowded this time of no go there. The north coast will pick up some of the swell, but it will likely be blown out with poor direction. Don't bother with the east coast; the trades blow it to shreds. Best bets; get up early on the north coast and you may score a few before the wind gets on it. Outside of that; there is plenty of other things to do in PR...get out and exlore.

By Jason , 02-01-2007

Need Info Please - I will be heading to PR this Thursday (Jan 4) and hope to get some surf. It looks like windswell from the east so I don't know if the Rincon area will get any surf at that time. Does anyone know where to go for these kinds of conditions? Common sense tells me to go east but onshores might not be the best. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By W.D , 16-11-2006

tres palmas - feb.2,1999 was the biggest day i have ever ridden,or tried to surf. it was 15to20+. 12 boards were broken or lost in the shipping lanes with one wave! One person drowned by the time i got there. 10 to15 foot closeouts to get to the peak.8 to 9ft guns were the norm. So know your limits!

By Roger , 13-11-2006

In PR for one day can you help me out - My 2 boys and I will be in Puerto Rico for one day on the 21st or 22nd of November. I was hoping to get some information on some surfing spots and board rentals with in an hour of San Juan. Any help would be much appreciated.

By , 10-11-2006

cheap accomodation - can anyone help me out with some super cheap accomodation places in this joint.. all info would be uber appreciated.. thanks

By , 05-10-2006

accommodation costs - i will be coming over from london in mid october and would like to know how much i will be looking at for basic accommodation per night? cheers

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