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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Puerto Rico

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By , 11-04-2007

RE:puerto ricos tha bomb - mmmm let me guess,wilderness or gas chambers? i just bought a house 1.5 miles from jobos(way too crowded,)just before i left PR on march 7th some 15-18 footers rolled through sloppy everywhere but wilderness. by noon there were more than a few broken sticks.of course my foot was in a cast and all i could do was going back next week, maybe for a month...or at least until it warms up here on the cape.if anyone cares i have a rental on my property in PR.

By un amigo chileno , 03-04-2007

viaje a puerto rico - hola, quiero ir a puerto rico en julio que buenas olas me recomiendan para esta fecha,,, ?

By Carlos P. , 28-03-2007

Thinking about going to PR.. - Hey. I was wondering if anyone had any info. about traveling to PR during may/june. How much our hotels-near the beach, food, transportation, etc..


By anonymous , 20-03-2007

RE: San Juan Local - You wanna get aggro? Why? You seriously think you all have it bad in PR. Give me a break, try surfing any named break in the States sometime on a hurricane swell. Better yet try Socal in the summer when the kids are out of school, or the REAL north shore during the ASP circus. Cry me a river San Juan Local, it's always a good idea to give respect to locals but I am willing to bet that your fellow country men would rather you stay in San Juan and not crowd their lineups either!

By Anonymous , 28-02-2007

san juan local - and this is exactly why you gringos will never be welcome in these parts..showing no respect for some friendly locals that probably showed you around..traspassers will suffer the consequences..stay in rincon, you guys already stole one peace of our island paradise

By Anonymous , 27-02-2007

answer to that secret coast town in the north - I 100% sure that you are talking about ARECIBO.I lived there for 6 years when i was in college(long enough to become a local.You are right this town has the most amazing world class secret spot in the island.Without lying i remember that i surfed 4 seccion in 2 days and i got in 18 barrels exiting each one of them. Margara( the best school for pipe and backdoor in the island), La Marginal, El Penon de mera(looks like Indo),mingos(just like puerto), hollows etc. are world class spot.If you are visiting from another country,try to met someone in the island that knows how ARECIBO work.The waves,the town and the locals can be tricky if you are not from there

By Anonymous , 25-02-2007

Puerto Rico was tha Bomb! - Seriously, you dont even know, Theres a coast line, I'm not goin to say were exactly, but probably one of the best coast lines in the world for surfing. You know how you can design a skate park in the Tony Hawk video game, well design a coastline with all kinds of different breaks, thats kinda what this 10-15 mile stretch is. I went to Rincon, Surfers beach, and most spots in the northwest, and its great dont get me wrong, but its nothing compared to the secrete North Shore of Puerto Rico. However, some of these spots in this amazing place that I'm talkin about is Kamakazis only, only one way in and one way out of the line up. When I discovered this place, it was a friend who just so happens to be from there, that showed me the breaks. It's very dangerous to get in some places without someone who knows those spots to help you stay alive. Chanels, urchins, strong current, hiting a dry spot or a sudden shallow shelf after you comitted to the tube, marking the sand with logs helps to know where to not split your face on the reef helps. Thats the only reason I cant really give away its exact location, find it and you will know, about 7-8 world class waves and a hand full of decent surf trip spots. I've been on my fare share of wave hunting in other countries, and other than the secrete north shore of Puerto Rico I will only consider goin to Indo, Hawaii, and Fernando de Noronha(in Brazil, also an undiscoved Hawaii), thats it. Oh and bye the way I spent a week and a half in this town and surfed most days just me and my boy, The name of the town is written on the map above and its somewhere on the north coastline and the spots mentioned are only the decent ones, thats all I'm gonna say.

By ANt , 24-02-2007 - Hey guys! Check out for the latest surf photos and videos of Rincon, Aguadilla, Isabela, & San Juan surf spots.

By Anonymous , 13-02-2007

- hey pineapple you can go to "la 8" and if you want to get barrel go to aviones in loisa or tocones cheke

By Anonymous , 05-02-2007

In PR for spring break - Your best choice is to go to the west coast, Rincon ,Agauda, Agaudilla and Isabela. You will find a lot of surfer girls in Rincon and Isabela with some crowd. Good Luck and have fun

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