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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Puerto Rico

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By Secret Spot , 26-12-2003

Please!! - nosotros los puertorriquenos somos personas amigables y duenos de Puerto Rico, nos gusta compartir nuestras playas so!!! si se piensan quedar en PR les pido de rodillas que cuiden nuestras playas......How? NO TIREN BASURA!!!!!!!!

By BR , 25-12-2003

UK SURFERS - Shacks Beach is a very nice place to stay. You'll be in the midle of greats beaches. In Isabela you have Jovos Beach(pronounce "hovos") , very good for beginers and pros. The power of the waves depend on the swell we get. For the time you're planing to stay you'll see all kind of waves. When this area is to big check Aguadilla - Crashboat Beach - good for the kids. Aguadilla have a north and a west cost, Rincon have a north, west, and south cost. Depending on the swell, move north for bigger waves and west to south for smallest waves till flat. Don't know about corsega could be flat. From Isabela to Aguadilla is about 20 minutes, to Rincon about 40 min.

By uk. surfers , 21-12-2003

uk. surfers - hi again .
I forgot to ask.
are there any breaks on the south side of rincon.
corsega beach area maybe,
uk. surfers.

By anonymous , 21-12-2003

uk surfers - thanks BR.
we have a chance to stay at shacks beach between aguadilla
and isabela.
will the waves there be too powerful for a 12 and 14 year olds plus me of course?
or do you think we should head for rincon area?
thanks for the help,
uk. surfing family

By BR , 20-12-2003

P.S. - UK SURFERS - You can make a conection with American Eagle to Mayaguez It's a 30 minutes fly. Then you're going to need a taxi or rent to get to Rincon about 30 mins more. Recomend from San Juan better.

By Boricua Rasta , 20-12-2003

UK SURFERS - Yes, you can get a taxi-van. Normaly the fare is $150, but could be $175 if you have a few boards. Other option is to rent a confortable vehicle in one of the companies mentioned below. Don't foget the racks. Is easy to get to Rincon, get a map at the airport. The trip will take you about 3 hours or less. At the moment there's no passengers flihgts to Aguadilla just cargo.

By uk surfers , 19-12-2003

uk surfers - if we come to PR can we get a taxi from san juan to rincon with surfboards.
if so how much would it cost.
anyone know?
do flights from the states fly into aguadilla airport?

By BR , 19-12-2003

CAR RENTALS - Call Avis, Herts, Target



By Boricua Rasta , 18-12-2003

TO SANDIEGO SURFER - Hi, Check the PR Report for next swell! Yes, there are spots around Isabela that not all tourist know. Plus a lot more around the north coast. All you need is a car and a guide to get the best. Now is no school so locals will be in the water too, but weekends allways are crowded(depend on the spot).

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