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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Puerto Rico

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By boricua rasta , 15-09-2004

Bling Bling - seems like your having fun, just dont kill your self. keep surfing que hay olas.

By br , 15-09-2004

Tristan - Rincon info - Yes we have spots for beginers. From Rincon you can go to Isabela where is Jobos Beach nice place for beginers and advanced at the same time. just about 45 minutes driving.

By br , 15-09-2004

Thanks Mateo - We'll be waiting for your visit. you have to make it.

By br , 15-09-2004

Waterman NJ - Everything ok so far. I'm with out internet for a while. so i depend on others computers to check the web. I'll be waitin for you to surf machuca's. keep enjoying life. irie

By br , 15-09-2004

Vieques - we where lucky and bless this time with frances and ivan hurricanes. now we are going to have jeanne. god bless us all. lets surf. oh sorry for florida.

By bling , 11-09-2004

tocones vengeance - while i was surfing the whole morning at 2pm in the best time of this beach,i was trying to get a good wave but this fucking waves are so evil they can rip ur head off, when i tried to get this wave i glide onto a fucking bigg ass rock;my right fin went bamm!!,my center fin went slahsss!!, and i just got out of the beach almost3 fingers from my left foot ripped.Tocones has some fucking fast waves,it is for kamikazes like me wuajajajaajaj.

By Tristan , 09-09-2004

beginner info - I am going to PR in november and bringing a friend who has only surfed a few times. So I was wondering if there where any beginner spots around rincon. I am bringing my longboard and we will probably rent a board for her.
Any info would be great,Thanks.

By Mateo , 08-09-2004

PR surfers - Recently I was in Costa Rica where I met a bunch of surfers from PR. Very nice people. I just want to say wassup to Gamma and crew. You guys make me want to visit PR.

By Waterman NJ , 08-09-2004

October 5 - Br Rasta,Whats Happening? Compter problems prevented me from responding sooner.I saw the Wailers Sat. Nite with the Allman brothers in Atlantic City.They were Tight and havin fun.I will be in Vega Baja on 10-5 for 15 days so i look forward to hooking up and talk some story.I might have 2 14 year olds join me for 4 days.They both rip and can handle overhead waves no problem.I am out of the water for 4 more months due to some injury so i will bring a camera.I look forward to enjoying the Island,culture people and food.I have your # so ill be in touch.Let me know if you need anythng from the Mainland

By anonymous , 08-09-2004

Vieques - YEah i was figuring it would be flat, and then a hurricane might put a damper on my honeymoon. I guess i'll go without the sticks unless I'm sure of swell. I can always rent a foamer for the small stuff...
How did PR fare through Frances??? My grandmother got pummeled in Cocoa Beach, FL...

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