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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Puerto Rico

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By Njwaterman , 16-12-2004

surf map - I can comment on the map.On the North central coastThe area of Los tubos comes right after vega baja. It is backwards on the map.My inlaws live there and i travel frequently.However BR is a real cool friendly dude who is 100% local and can give you the real specifics.Have a fun and safe trip.When informed you will find excellent uncrowded spots all around that area of PR


By , 24-11-2004

BR, webmaster question.. - Hi BR. First thanks for keeping this area of wannasurf up to date. I happen to be one of the editors for wannasurf (no im not the webmaster), and noticed you said that the maps were inaccurate. I don't normally admin this section of the site, but I happen to be going to PR in a week and half so I was browsing around. So if you want to send me what you think needs to be changed I should be able to get the changes made

By nos vemos en el agua! , 06-11-2004

Playa brava Longboard adn coffee house - Well.. I want to let all of those who are going to PR Aguadilla for a good ride, to check out this place, Playa Brava.
Let me tell you why. I was traveling alone to PR and as a single girl, had my worries like any other person. I wrote to some places to find out about acommodations and stuff, and TUPI CABRERRA, owner of Playa Brava, not only recommended me to beaches and things to do but made sure to make my surf experience a memorable one. He went out of his way to show me around and even caught a couple of waves with me, finding time in his busy schedule. This is only one bonus point, people in PR are extremely generous, kind and giving. From the airport staff to surfers helping me with tips and stuff, this place is a friendly hood that when the swell is up, there even wont be negative energy in the water. get in there and catch your waves, no one will murder you. Thats for the locals point.
As far as waves, Im not an expert at all, but besides the urchins and many coral beaches, the waves are fun and huge at times.
PR is a warm, fun and safe place. Cheap to@eat and fairly so to sleep. For beach access, hire a car.

By NNJ Waterman , 21-10-2004

BR - I had no computer access unless i went to San Juan.I did go to Muchucas a few tmes.Beautiful place going down 616 on weekends.Seeing all the beauty of that area.Was easier going the other way and eating something at Armansdos place and parking the car safely.La Boca was really full.Anyway I have a really great CD for you.My Friends from Hawaii turned me on to it but was un able to hhok up with you..Email me and ill mail it to you.i got home yesterday after 16 days

By br , 15-10-2004

stu - nj waterman - tomorrow friday, 6:00 am in machucas garden. be there.

By NJ Watewrman , 14-10-2004

BR - your phone wasnt working.Im here now.waves have been good for 10 days

By NJ Waterman , 03-10-2004

Br Rasta - See you in a week .Ill call you ,Ill be in Vega Baja for 15 days.....
Peace Stu

By monster 13 , 02-10-2004

puerto rico - i need help on my report

By NJ Waterman , 20-09-2004

Brian Toth - BR, Brian kiled it at the Ripcurl AC Pro.He represented well .I will see you in October Ill be There from early Oct for a few weeks. I have your #. Mine in PR is 609-204=1889.See you soon

K-peace stu

By boricua rasta , 15-09-2004

Bling Bling - seems like your having fun, just dont kill your self. keep surfing que hay olas.

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