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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Puerto Rico

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By Dalida75 , 25-10-2017

Merci - Félicitation pour votre superbe site ! Bravo et bonne continuation !

voyance gratuite Email

By lapiz , 11-10-2017

- Conducting the Rincón economic surfing analysis was an instrumental step in developing a broad coaltion in the greater Rincón area for preserving the surfing beaches, from the fishing community up through the mayor's office and other local government representatives and businesses.

Many other challenges remain in the greater Rincón area including cleaning up and maintaining clean ocean waters, protecting the beaches from erosion, eliminating all beach and coastal waters sand mining and preserving and nurturing the reef ecosystems.

Gloria Lapiz
our service.

By JohnnyUtah , 16-01-2016

Palmas Del Mar, Puerto Rico - Hey Everybody,
I am taking a vacation with my family to Palmas Del Mar in late June. Are there any waves in that area?

By Rockoaa , 22-01-2013

Pat - If your a women you won't have a problem finding whatever your looking for and or need. Party on the North and surf Mid North/NW. If your not blonde..bleach it now, it will take a very loonggg way, trust me. Good luck and have fun!

By patri5f , 21-12-2012

3 months around Puerto Rico - Hi there! moving to PR for 3 months and I'm looking for a board and tips about best spost around, who else is over there??


:) :)

By Rockoaa , 22-10-2012

Where to stay - Highly recommend you stay in any of the readily available surf hotels in Rincon. The way to go is to meet other local gringos (been there since the early 60s), and ask if you can tag along to the surf spots. I'm assuming your visiting for a surf trip? If so, you will have a great time and find an array of spots within Rincon. In addition, 70%, of the people you will find in and out of the water are travelers like yourself and again the local or home grown "gringos". If you venture out to Aguadilla go to the better know spots ie. Crashboat ( very user friendly w/ many tourist)' Gas Cambers (get ready to be overcome by sponges), Wilderness (soft right..occasionally treacherous) and Surfers beach (super soft and great for the entire family). I will been feel comfortable recommending Jobos in Isabela (all towns within short drive). Isabela offers two other well know spots..but that's up to you. You pass Isabela and for certain your car will be broken into as a minimum and your safety and those accompanying you will be at grave risk. I am not being negative nor am I telling you what to do..simply providing some facts that anyone would appreciate. Best of luck and hope you catch it going off!

By hoychez , 13-03-2012

Any recommendations for accommodations - Any recommendations for accommodations in aguadilla, rincon, or Arecibo?

By Rockoaa , 20-12-2011

WHAT HAPPENED? - The best surfing beaches of Puerto Rico have been invaded by sponges (boogie boards), and novice and kooks surfing advance/high performance spots causing a tremendous risk for the performers. During the 80's, there was a very limited amount of sponges (maybe u will see 1 no more than 2 in the water), and people surfed on spots according to their level of experiece. It is so dangerous and frustrating...there would be 100 guys in the water and only 9 catching waves..the others are just mines or bouys.

The narco state. What classifies PR as a NARCO State? The fact the government officials are involved..period. I tell you this so u are aware of the dangers of vacationing on the Island. I honestly would recommend elsewhere..agressive locals, the worst traffic ever and the very worst, the SPONGERS. They paddle out by the's not funny at all.

If you risk to go, land in Aguadilla and stay in Rincon and don't leave for any reason..ohh., and whatever yo do, don't go out at night. The Best to All!

By saleyretail , 10-12-2010

NW boogie boarding beaches - My son and I are planning a trip for the first time to PR. We will be there in late Feb. Just looking for some good Boarding beaches. We respect locals and surfers and can handle most waves. We are staying in Isabela. Thanks, Bob

By Anonymous , 16-09-2010

cheap accomodation for a month!! - Planning a surf trip in north west of porto rico, we are looking for the cheaper accomodotion!!!!
thanks guys

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