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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Puerto Rico

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By Ramon Guivas , 21-10-2010

cochino - I am one of the older surfers in cochino my nick name is "Goly" other surfers like "the hardy boys" Rafy and julio and foca.I won the only surfing contest ever done in there this pictures bring back many memories.
thank you guys for that.

By Gabi_del_unico , 31-05-2010

¿Donde queda? - Cochino queda alfrente de levittown? osea en la playa que queda en la carretera como si uno fuese pa' cataño? Yo no me meteria ahy si por esa area porque ahora esta lo del pez leon,y enverda que no quiero terminar en un hospital.Pero me gustaria saber,porque si en una ocasion se me da,pues me zumbo pa ver como es.

By Augusto (Guty) Torres, , 28-07-2005

Local de Levittown 1976-84 - I totally agree with Carlos. This was my old stomping grounds when I first learned to surf. Went surfing with 35 cents for half a pound of pan con mantequilla and needed nothing else. We used to spend the entire day riding both sides of the sewage pipe (no shit in the water - just rain water). On the left is Cochino's Bay and on the right with Piedra. When waiting for waves in between sets we used to eat live clams that were burried in the sand. Cochinos side had a nice right breaking right off the pier. Piedra was my favorite since the left broke of the pier and the guy closest to the pier got off in a hurry and rode all the way to the shore rocks. Another break not mentioned here was El Canal, which is the where the Rio de Bayamon meets the ocean. We encountered Tarpon (Sabalo) fish that were bigger than us. A few sharks once in a while came around when the water was like chocolate from all the rain. That did not stop us from surfing. We were invincible! Those were the days - just a group of true friends having the time of our lives. Saludos al corillo: Sunshine, Chobi, Willito Suarez, Socotroco, Frankie Velez, Frankie/Eddie/Danny Castillo, Wille Coast Guard, Ricky "BM", Rafi y Julio (Hardy Boyz), Rubi, and the rest that I cannot remember their names. Believe it or not - we held an official surfing competition at Cochinos Bay back in the day! Got the trophy to prove it! hahahaha

By Carlos Diablo Saludos a los gremos levtwn , 05-10-2003

Cochino Memoirs - Cochino's Is where I learned to surf. I now Live in USA, in Las Vegas of all places, But I used to live in Levittown PR Home to the infamous Cochino's Bay.

By the way Cochino means pig and it is named that because everytime it rains hard all the effluent form the street drains out of a pipe right on into cochino's. The shit pipe.

Anyway, Cochino's does not break only in hurricane season that is such bull. It does however take a big swell to make it worthwhile, which is quite frequent from August to March. If you are a traveling surfer chances are that cochino's is the last place you will go to. This December 2003 I will be visiting my parents and since there is obviusly going to be a swell, i will be visiting cochino's just for old time sake.

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