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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Puerto Rico

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By Anonymous , 09-07-2008

hey - well im from Aruba
coming down in july last time i was in puerto rico was december 2 years a great waves
this time im coming in july
hows the swell time over there in july?
let me know

By ralf , 23-01-2007

employment - every where you go there is lack of employment, so your comment is insignificant to surfing or the spot in general. i would have to say that from the posted blogs some people might be intimidated by a really great spot.

By Anonymous , 29-06-2006

Evil - Surfed it once. Got seven stitches. Best left tube on the island. Managed one wave. on the paddle back i at shit. oooooooooohhh so evil. This guys, is world class. Comprable to pipe or teahupoo

By anonymous , 16-10-2005

- is just a spot, not easy wave if you not have experiense, but like people say is always a first time ^_^

By carlos diablo de levittown , 23-09-2005

Whats the danger you ask? - To start, there is a large slab of rock that runs the entire beach for at least half a mile, It is covered with sea urchins and there is only one way in and one way out that is barren of sea urchins. Next, the waves brake so close to this slab of rock that you are never more than six feet deep on your ride, and that is only during the take off. The reason it needs a west swell is because in that direction the waves approach the slab of rock at an angle which permits you to ride lefts without running immeadetly into the rock. Also, the drop here is a serious thing. It is very, very steep and if you do not make it good luck to you for you will be left wallowing in 2ft deep water with sharp reef underneath you and a massive second set wave eager to smash you and your board to pieces. There is no duck dive that will save you because you can't do a duck dive! Your board's nose will get a good chunk taken out of it if you do. Finally, it is a very aggressive spot due to the lack of employment and over population of the island, evrybody vents there frustrations while surfing. So if you do not have the balls to get in then stay out.

By PR Expat , 13-07-2005

La Chata - Rip. The wave is very dangerous for several reasons. First, the reef is very shallow, shallower than Aviones for sure. The reef is also very sharp. To enter the break you have to deal with the rock shorline that's covered with sea urchins.

Add the wave factor. The wave itself is very, very fast and hollow. When you take off at Chatarra, you are basically racing the wave. You can't miss the takeoff, or else you are doomed (no airdrops, no rail digging). Depending on the tide and swell direction, some waves are more challenging than others. High tide tends to make the wave thicker, and when you have a some north in the swell direction, you have the closeout from hell!!

On top of that, add the crowd factor. Have you ever surfed Aviones? Well, take that crowd and add the talented pool of bodyboarders and surfers from around the island who show up when Chatarra is breaking. And remember, really good Chatarra only happens a handful of times a year, so when it happens everybody is hungry for a piece of it. Add some Puertorican cañoneo flavor to the equation and there you go. You have Chatarra which is one of the heaviest waves in the island!

PS-All this is making you stressed and constipated? Don't forget your bacalaito and alcapurria on your way out.

By anonymous , 13-07-2005

Re: Rip - Have you seen it big? If you saw Chatarra after Jeanne passed by last year, you would call it dangerous. If you dont think Pipeline in Hawaii is dangerous, then you probably wouldn't think Chatz is dangerous either. It gets pretty nuts out there sometimes.

By Rip , 13-07-2005

The Wave - Ok...I've seen chatarra, but it doesn't look thattt...dangerous. So if u will give some points on why it's so dangerous? Is the reef like Aviones or is it pretty close?

By Carlos el 'bodyboarder' , 04-12-2004

Chatarra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Picture this in your mind: an intense, hollow, fast, and shallow breaking wave in Caribbean Paradise. Simply incredible...nicknamed mini-Pipe by many Pipeline surfers that have surfed it in serious conditions. If you are lucky to be able to catch a good one at the right spot, you are going to be tubed easily. Just look at the photos..I personally surfed 2 of the days shown on them (hurricanes Frances and Jeanne) and beleive me it was impressive. I'm moving to West FL from SJ,PR for a couple of years and this is the spot that I'm going to miss the most. Advice: respect the locals here. When Chatarra is going off, so are they.

By , 26-09-2004

CHATARRA: reef, force and sun... - What type of spot is Chatarra:
You can enjoy the fabolous wave of Chatarra many day's in the year. To ride this several days you will need to live near to the spot(Loiza, Puerto Rico), maybe in the metropolitan area of San Juan. Chatarra is the first of many spots of that area of the coast of the north side of PR, some of this are Aviones(very consisten, left<sometimes right>,better if you ride at 5 up feet). Next to Aviones we have La Escuelita and is very inconsistent,no many days in the year, the ride is right and very powerfull. Next you have Tocones, in a big day you can ride a wave of 10 feet up. And many others breaks you can see along the coast.
... Chatarra:
Chatarra is the Best Wave in this area. Insdisputable for me. You can ride the wave from 3 feet to 13 feet up in epic days. In small days(3-5 feet) if the break have the conditions; glassy, without winds and the love of almighty Jah. Warning; it break very close to the reef, maybe 4 to 5 feet. In medium days(6-8 feet) you can ride it very very intense, powerfull, and breaking in 3 points in the spot, 1 riding left, 1 to both sides and 1 riding rigth.
"Chatarra epico", we say when we saw in big days(9-15 feet up)(Epic days):When the swell come from the west, the winds come frome the south or better if without winds, you can ride one of the most powerfull waves in the world(with respect to Pipeline, Teahupoo, Cloudbreak, Mavericks and many many others...)The Wave break Off Shore and is very impressive. You can get in to a big tube up to 15 seconds easy. Warning: you need to have some experience in the art of surfing. The wave is fast uhhhh, simply the best in the area, maybe the best in Puerto Rico (all spots have own nature, all waves are different one from another)I think...
In Puerto Rico we have so many spots and is not Just make the image that I disrespect this spots. I love this island "borinquena" and I know a lot of spots here and all breaks with ownstyle and I enjoy it all's. But Chatarra is simply the best for me..... ckeck later

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