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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Puerto Rico

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By Anonymous , 29-06-2006

- you can see this wave from space! hahahah and the paddle out is psychotic. you need to be in Ironman condition to do it. If you dont want to get stranded with Jaws and the rest of the crew from shark tale... get a boat

By anonymous , 12-11-2005

- this looks like the best wave in the world.

By Guillo , 25-10-2005

Perfect Caballos 10/16/05 - A big low pressure create epic conditions for all north coast of PUERTO RICO, and Caballos was incredible with south winds and north swell (12 ft ++++) walls.
no waves no future god blesssssssssssssss the ocean

By andres58 , 12-09-2005

Caballos. The best wave in PR's North shore - Back when I was young in 1971-1978, the days of Jorge Machuca and Miguel Gorbea, I use to surf caballos all the time. We would check the waves from my body's Penthouse appartment in Isla Verde with periscope. Caballos can hold any size waves. It cranks at 15 to 25 foot faces. I've seen tubes that can fit two vans side by side. The bowl is incredible but only experience surfers must try, it can be dangerous. Ride a Hoby Cat to the channel and tie to the buoy, then paddle to the point and have fun!!!

By Grom , 10-04-2005

Grom - Caballos is the bomb!! All you need is a kayake and ur surfboard!! Go straight to pine grove take the kayake out( make sure the waves at pine grove don't exceed 4 ft. then u'll know that caballos is rolln' in waves.) Also u can see caballos from Pine Grove so be aware and use ur senses. Only thing u should know is that there are reefs back there...So u should probably bring a diving mask and check out the best spots where the reef doesn't get to high. And ur pretty far out in the ocean so bring a cell phone!! just in case!!

By , 28-04-2004

alguien que viva en puerto rico - por favor, ayuden a ese pobre gringo. Lo que pasa es que quiero estudiar allá en durante el año de 2005-2006 pero necesito estudiar quimica organica. No conozco a puerto rico para nada y no sé donde necesito estudiar para estar cerca de las olas. Gracias por ayudarme.

By CHANGO , 23-01-2004

Great Wave - Caballos is a perfect right very long with an inside section that you could get the best barrels of your life.The only problem you are going to challenge is the locals. This place is only visit by a few guys who owns boats. It is like a family so if you have the chance of surfing Caballos please have respect for the locals or otherwise you'll see.
Have fun in Puerto Rico.

By Local , 22-04-2003

Pine grove asi!!! Que te pasa!!!!! - loco que te pasa pine grove! En Pine grove yo aprendi a serfiar ace memnos de un ano y es una playa normal y corriente pa cojer las olas te puedes para hasta alado de tu tabla parado de lo llanito que es!! no tiene coral!! solo es arena y esta casi en la orilla de la playa!! Bueno las personas se meten a pine grove a nadar y a tripear donde estan los surfers!! Pine Grove es un Canto de la playa de par de par de hoteles y apartamentos( uno de ellos Pine Grove por eso se llama asi) en donde entran las olas pero son olas pequenas !! tambien ay mucho back wash!!!Pine grove es para aprender es como la escuelita del surf!!En sus dias mas o menos normales tu te paras y ya estas en el espumero!! Bueno hay dias que tu vas a Pine grove y esta como un plato!! no hay nada nada de olas!!! Yo corri alli como por par de mese en lo que aprendia y lo mas que vi aquello trepau fue de 5 a 6 pies y fue mas que un dias en el winter!!! osea que locoa ese Pine Grove que tu fuistes no esel mismo que yo conozco!!!

By Dave da Wave , 16-01-2003

The real Boca de Congrahos - The real Boca de Congrahos should never been confused with Pine Grove. Two different waves, two different experience levels. I surfed it in the mid eighties with the local ex-pat, ex-coast guard boys......never forget motoring out in a 13 ft Boston Whaler, packed with five boards, five surfboards, anchor and line and 15hp kicker engine to get us there and back.
Surfing this wave puts the "macho" in "machisimo"!!! 10' to 15' Caballos!

By El tiburon come boogies de CABALLOS , 18-10-2002

CANGREJO - CANGREJO ,no congrahos, numero 1:asi no se llama el spot,numero 2: La definicion de cangrejo es un moron con un boogie board ,vestido con lo ultimo en la moda surfing escuchando reggetton.

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