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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Puerto Rico

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By lethalpro , 23-07-2011

this is wrong - this is not where ballenas beach its located, its not where it is

By Anonymous , 03-05-2008

Ballenas YEAH - buena playa hay que piyarla tubeando tiene un ride agresivo y rapido la ola es corta asi que hay que ser rapido y trukearla antes de que rompa es shorebreak

By Anonymous , 26-04-2008

PR surfer - I SURFED IT FIRST in 1992. The locals from ther will remmeber me, I had the bicycle lycra short tights and an Al Merrick Tom Curren model mid 1980's board , but ripping because I have natural talent. The locals were ripping on "new school potato chips" and although they where puerto rican like me they looked so gringo, white, blonde, blue eyes and they had this protective vibe. As the tide changes it has a left but the real spot is west of that with a reef that pops up the line as it starts to jack up, and it focuses it on the inside as a hollow tubable right hand wave, with a sort of back door left(opposite of pipeline) but on a much smaller scale. I got stink eye. And your car is 99% going to get broken into if you leave crap on the seat. We left some casset tapes on the seat and that was enough, glass broken. Most beautiful beach I have ever seen. Trippy and dreamy. Cactus forest(no kidding) desert environment, dry and yellow(not brown like guanacaste Costa Rica) with cactus and then the beach was full of cocnut palms in a cove with the most brightest florescent blue-green water and the locals dominating the transition of this reef to sandbar takeoff that tubed dry on sand, but no turbulence, not one drop out of place, tubes on sand hollow fast but with no, I mean no, sections until get spit out and and fast semi close out left but doggy door makable. I say and alays will say,"There are more secret spots in PR then known." if you have that intimacy gift with the PR ocean which I have had since I was 9 days old that I was taken to pinones every week. Explore and find perfect spots to your self if you are a grom at hear, so many spots. Guanica has the dreamiest blue green deep but florescent bright( take your breath away) cystaline clear water like a dream. Im soory costa rica but your beaches are butt ugle compared to ours. I know this much English because I studies in the main land but PRcan through and through. No place like carribean. How come no one talks about Viegues spots. Awesome shallow point breaks that rival Mentawias in Vieques. My Island!

By anonymous , 08-09-2005

First Experience !!!!!!! - This is the beach where I first came in contact with a surfboard,way back in 1971.I borrowed the board from some gringos that were having a beach party.The waves were small but I managed to stand up on one of the waves and I've been hooked ever since,I'm 50 now and still do it.The beach itself is paradise,is so bautiful,the shoreline is lined up with palm trees.It doesn't break too often and the land along the road is dessert like,very dry and lots of cactuses.KEEP SURFING!!!! From a boricua living in FL.

By surfing frees your soul,body,and mind !!!feel the ride!!! , 13-07-2005

ideal pa corer morey - ballenas es una playa perfecta para corer morey se pueden hacer todo tipo de trucos es una playa muy divertida.Lo mejor de ballenas es que su fondo es arena y la corriente no es fuerte pienso que es ideal para los beginers y ademas cuando las tormentas y huracanes pasan por el sur se pone bn bueno.

By Radikal Zurfer , 05-10-2003

Local - Soy local de esta playa y no sera la mejor de Puerto Rico pero su ola es muy divertida. Es pequeña y tiene olas para todos los gustos. Cuando esta playa se pone buena preparense para encontrar mucho crowd. El parking es muy limitado y dificil ya que para el lado de la playa ahi poca grama para estacionarse y para el otro es piedra. Para el que quiera visitarla queda 5 minutos despues de Copamarina y Caña Gorda y antes de Tamarindo. Rip it up !!! The life is too short dont waste it Go Surf !!!

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