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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 P land


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By eoconnor101 , 14-03-2013

now? - After a slurry back in forth between camp haters and a multitude of well spoken supporters who hate cell phones it seems the comments board quieted down on Pland and Nestles aka the Morro Negrito camp blog. I was thinking of going here but after reading all this crap I think I'm going to either go elsewhere in Panama or just go back to Nicaragua or Mex. It seems to me that most of the people who had a blast are girls or europeans who loved being in the ocean and the jungle and I do to, but with proper waves to be had if I'm spending that kind of coin. I don't blame the owner for forwarding on letters and posts to defend himself and his obvious passion for what must be a pristine place. I'll just be going elsewhere as it's obvious to anyone with half a brain the waves here will not be World Class or even 'good' and that the boats will take you out once per day. Unless I'm living on a boat I'd rather be able to walk down to the beach and surf on holiday.

By Anonymous , 13-10-2010

RE ihave been there comment - Read this comment, it is true. I have been there also. We got waves, nothing as represented by the pictures. Unless you are learning to surf you will be bummed even with solid swell. The camp is not bad, it is actually pretty cool and the staff was good. Just too many places to go and get epic quality, so if read through the boards and see all of the warnings, still go and think oops, only yourself to blame.

By British surfer , 03-07-2009

- P Land can be great. On the last day of our vacation it peaked at 10 feet and was perfect. It is not a wave for beginners as there are a lot of rocks which you need to be careful of, but it is a real classic. It is definitely not a Pipe or Backdoor type of wave, but still very very good, just need to hit it on an OK swell. Morro Negrito camp treated us well, the food was good and the people were friendly. However if you are used to 4/5 star hotels this is not the place for you as the accommodation is just a bit better than camping, so do not expect much. Sand bar is also another fun wave, long right break wave but make sure you have strong arms as the currents are tough. Overall a great place especially for the money.

By Anonymous , 06-03-2009

To expensive for what you get! - Morro Negrito is only a world class wave about 2-3 times a year. It´s a very fickle spot. The tide needs to be just right. Not every angle hits the rocks the right way. It is not protected frim the wind so on shore ruins the wave, and there are strong winds in Panama. I mean it does usually break and you will be able to surf. But not the world class wave you see in the pics. And if there is no surf you will be absolutely BORED.
The accomodations are ok, they dont take you out on the boat to wherever you want whenever you want. You have to stick to their plan. Jeff is nice but he charges way too much.
Also please respect the name. It is SILVA and not Pland. I hope this helps cause I have talked to alot of disgrunted ppl out in the water there complaining. But if you are lucky.......

By Anonymous , 01-11-2008

i have been there - the waves should be way better for being so far off the beaten path. if you go, you had better bring supplemental food, because the portions are tiny, unless you eat like a bird.
the staff tries hard to make it a good time. nestles has plenty of punch and does not close out, but it is a 2-4 SECOND wave. i expected much better set-ups. lack of swell wasn't the issue, we had chest to overhead surf everyday i was there, ssw, sw, and wsw swells, clean every morning as any other mountainous region and i surfed everyday, just not near the quality that i believed was there. steve cut us a deal on the price to 400/wk/person. i guess i just got lucky on that one. the only really cool thing for me was surfing by boat, a first time. bring friends and plenty of snacks if you go. some people really enjoy just hanging in tropical outpost surroundings, which is cool for a few days, but i wanted good wave setups.

By Anonymous , 20-08-2008

Why P land - Hi, i´m from Chiriquí, Panamá and the really name of P land is Silba, because this wave breck in the Silba island.

By Jeff , 14-07-2008

Why are reviews so mixed? - Explanation

Why are the negative comments considered truth and all positive comments considered false. Why is the owner accused of spamming good positive information, whereas all the whiners and complainers are considered legitimate? Of course, why do they say "Bad news sells newspapers". So, if 500 people per year go to morro negrito, and 450 have a good time, then the 50 whiners do not. What happens next? Misery wants company, so the 50 whiners go and post their negative reports on The happy people tell the owner what a great time they had. The owner posts these positive comments on wannasurf and is immediately attacked by the whiners. People come to this website, thinking their going to get good information, but all they get is a bunch of complaints about the waves not being good the week they came. That suddenly escalates into bad food, bad service, bad everything. Basically, 100% opposite of the experience most people have. Of course, the camp is doing fine, being in operation for 10 years. There are surfers coming back for the 4th and 5th trip. There are approximately 20 surfboards that returning surfer leave at the surf camp because they know they will be coming back again next year.

So, hopefully, this sheds some light on why there are such mixed reviews.

By Anonymous , 12-07-2008

Surf Camp Advertising - Why does this guy who owns this surf camp use a feed back blog to advertise his camp, oh, it is an effort to mislead and get your hard earned coin. If the camp was so good why would so many take the time to post bad comments?

By Anonymous , 12-07-2008

link below - I checked out your link Steve, thanks for flaming these boards in an effort to promote your financial gain, are these photos of your "world class" surf camp? Wow, looks like mush burgers and sectiony waves, I like the ones from this year of three guys dropping in on a sholder high crumbler. Your camp is a joke as a surf destination.

By LEIF , 07-07-2008

RE Thomas - hey Tom, my name is Leif and I made the mistake of going to MN and have to agree with the bulk of the negative comments. Some are over the top in an effort to disuade people from going but undestanably. All in all this board is absolutely flamed by Steve, the owner of MN, with misinformation and misrepresentation of the camp.
If you scroll back through the comments mine is the review of the camp with the email
As a surf trip this place sucks, really how many surf camps have this many people taling the time to warn you off.
So there you are, My name LEIF and email,, read my review on the spots concerning Morro Negrito under that email, honest feedback.

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