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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Jp...Oside CA , 11-04-2010

Surfing Bocas - I'm going to be in the area this June, I dont want to bring a board, are thier bords available? should I bring one to leave behind?

By anonymous , 07-11-2006

- look... this spot is a great surf spot.... if your looking for fun and awesome surfing... go to this spot.... weve all had our local surf spots taken from us... deal with it... surfing is a global and continually growing sport... what is it with you not mellow and chilled out surfers...

By Anonymous , 10-08-2006

Inside and outside - There is and outside dumpers. Outside is really quick, hollow and powerful. Inside is around the reef a bit, you can see the swell lines coming in and it is much more mellow. Inside is speedy with hollow sections and supper fun.

By , 22-04-2006

bring booties - The reef is very shallow and sharp. When you do get cut, and you will, make sure to clean the wound there is a nearby dump and the water may contain bacteria, you can also smell the trash burning at times. The wave is very fun though and worth the hazards.

By anonymous , 22-08-2005

invade somwhere else this place is small - I'm very sure now your not paying attention to localethic here this is a very contested spot right now locala's solomente save it is the only spot locals can go without outside interference normaly I don't say this but I just returned from almost 2 mounths hereyour starting to piss people off now your causing problems with solders and tourists ya it's good so is carenero and punch and bluff and curbs and a host of other breaks when big and fireing

By , 03-08-2004

almost forgot.. - ...there arer some cute, tiny reef and tiger sharks, as someone else told.
but i guees they`re well feed. locals told me there have never been any attack on the island.

By , 03-08-2004

2 stars? fuck.. - Dumpers can be anything, but not a funny wave.
Outer dumpers is a heavy, peeling short and hollow left. And inner dumpers can get very very epic.
On fun size swells none of this waves even break...

By , 16-08-2003

Info, Bocas del Toro - If any body have any questions about Bocas Waves e-mail me and i will help.
Panama RULES

By anonymous , 03-06-2003

Bocas in August? - Making a trip back to Panama the first week of August. Will there be any surf in Bocas at this time of the year, or should surf the Pacific side?

By mytwocents , 10-04-2003

no title - ALL TIME!!!

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