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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By coastalconnections , 27-04-2009

FISH SCAM REPLY - They aren't passing fish around, they are using it to pay off people instead of cash. THEY KEEP EVERYTHING! There is nothing admirable about that! Yes that includes sportfish like the prized Roosterfish. There is also nothing admirable about stealing customer's catches and charging them to eat the fish they caught! Keep in mind they didn't do alot of work they pay a Nica captain to take them out on his boat and we are very experienced fisherman one us has a 100 ton license. Not to mention they used some of my pics for their website and took credit for them true class at surf sanctuary!

By Anonymous , 26-04-2009

Fish Scam - Some people take advatange of situations. If they are passing fish around for the locals then that is admirable. Chances are that is what they are doing. Sometimes it is tough to develop a relationship with the locals unless you give them something. Part of traveling. Get use to it and travel will become easier.

By costalconnections , 16-03-2009

SURF SANCTUARY SCAMS - Don't go fishing with them they keep everything that swims and pay off their nicaraguan workers with the fish gringos dont like. Then they take YOUR FISH and feed the camp with it for weeks at no cost to them. Worst part is they even charge you to eat your fish!!! Don't stay with them and support this scam

By Anonymous , 09-03-2009

No to Feb and March - Came last June and loved it so I am back. But, the offshores are way too strong to enjoy the surf and I have learned that is pretty standard for these two months.

By Anonymous , 04-02-2009

Where and when? - Im plannig to go to nica on april, is it a good season to go surf and crow wise?

By Jack See , 10-11-2008

it's all good - I live at Playa Iguana and want to invite anyone to rent my condo on the beach. There is a restuarant/bar here, internet, swimming pool and tv. Have 24 hour access to Ponga Drops and Colorado. Surf it when it's good, not when it's crowded!

By Goldie , 10-10-2008

Sweet spots - Goin to Nicaragua in Jan for some good waves, wheres the best spot to avoid mad crew and get mean waves?

By Surf Tours Nicaragua , 27-09-2008

Surfing in Nicaragua - 2 experiences - I read a post about surfing in Nicaragua on here that said that it was full of wave hogs and beach pounds. You went to the south, my friend! I am sorry for that. Do your research on the internet next time b4 you go and you would have found out what you said was true...go to Northern Nicaragua to avoid the crowds and hogs.

Don't make it your last trip here...just learn from it for next time. Better luck in the future...and good surfin' to ya!

By Anonymous , 04-09-2008

Recent stay at a surf camp - My first trip to Nicaragua in mid-August and probably my last. Closed-out beach breaks, packed reef breaks and too many surf camps. The worse bunch of wave-hogs and photo sluts that you can imagine. But the ex-pats were even worse--the prick that runs the "Two Brothers Surf Camp" is takes 5-to-1 waves in a packed lineup. My advice: go to northern Nicaragua in the off-season and leave the "every wave I can catch is mine" attitude in Texas.

By lengen , 23-12-2007

1 week to surf - Sorry if i'm asking a silly ques.
never surf before, would like to learn in 1 week. either in Nica ot CR. is it possible?
place to go, stay, rent a board.
Thank you for your comments

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