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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Anonymous , 16-02-2010

Nica 2009 - went for 2 weeks in 09 and had an EPIC trip. stayed at Rancho Santana, rentaed a house walking distance from the clubhouse, and had the trip of a lifetime. was head high to overhead sets every single day we were there and yes, it WAS offshore all day. i have no idea how people can trash nicaragua. yea, i understand that places are gated, so next time stay at Rancho Santana, drive as south on the property as you can, parkon the beach and Voila! panga drops and Colorado's.

going again this year, and am hoping for the same thing!

By Anonymous , 05-10-2009

waves in December - I know December isnt the best time for waves but does this mean it is going to be flat or just not as big as it is other times of the year?
I know Caribean Costa Rica/Panama have waves then so i wonder if its worth hitting Nicaragua in december at all.

Cheers for any advice.

By Don , 11-09-2009

Aserradores - Great surf here!I stayed at Joe's place. Awesome food, lovely people, clean room and CHEAP! Check their website:

By Anonymous , 07-09-2009

Van rentals - My mate and I are coming to Nicaragua in December and we would like to rent a van so we could travel around (and sleep in)in Nicaragua and maybe go down to Costa Rica and Panama. Does anybody know any cheap van rental places? The multinational car rental companies are way too expensive.
I'm greatful for any advise.
Cheers Kasper

By katia , 13-08-2009

nicaragua surf trip - hi guys i have just came back from 3 weeks trip in nicaragua and it was perfect!! i didn t go surfing too much in popoyo but almost every days in A stillero, the small fishing village and i can tell you no crowds at all!!!!!i booked 3 weeks in a new hotel Las Plumerias and the people and the food over there were fantastic!!!!
don t miss the french bread and the mango delice!

By podgethedog , 10-06-2009

Thank you MP - thanks - appreciate the info. I have never been to a surf lodge before, so the price seems high, but on this occasion its the best way for me to go, for various reasons. I am looking to avoid the crowds and will be on for the early's to get the wind.

if anyone is interested i will leave feedback after.

Thanks again MP.

By Anonymous , 06-06-2009

- To podgedog-
writing this for karma's sake so apologies to anyone who wants to keep it on the DL. I visited Lcard for a day visit. Nice place and friendly staff. Punta san diego is a good wave for intermediates and above. If you are at that lvel you will have a blast otherwise don't surf it you will break something. It is also only surfable on certain tides.I heard there was a good beach break too. this area is not adjacent to the lake so the offshores aren't as common here. The only complaint I heard about Lcard is that there was no fans (in 2008) and that it is hot in the rooms. Maybe too expensive? But remember the people here are doing good things for the locals which is more than can be said for many foreigner run businesses abroad. The south is probably better surfwise but the north has less crowds

By podgethedog , 29-05-2009

Los cardones - Hi - Just wondering if anyone has spent any time surfing around the los cardones lodge. I am just wondering how good the waves are - like outer chiggas, Jicaco and Hemorroids - they are supposed to be nearby. Thinking of going in July

By Anonymous , 23-05-2009

Nicaragua - Avoid the high dollar surf camps all together and stay right in front of the best break - Colorados. Why walk for miles or take long boat rides when you can walk out the back door? Save time and money - rent a condo!

By Anonymous , 07-05-2009

Sanctuary Fish Scam Reply - I have just spent 3 weeks at the Sanctuary and have a very different view to the comments posted. My fishing, surfing and 3 excellent square meals a day were included in my package price. The fish caught were shared with locals and other residents at the Sanctuary since I was not intending to fly them home with me. Why should these guys who are supporting and developing the local community not have some benefits from the cool business they have created? Without Wayne and Tony, we would not have had such a great time in a beautiful country with beautiful people. Are you that ignorant that you do not know they are running a business? In my experience, all workers for the Sanctuary were happy in their positions. Roberto, the Nica First Mate for the Sanctuary boat was very pleasant and earned more than enough in cash and bonuses with fish for his family. He also taught my girlfriend a lot of Spanish whilst I was out surfing off the boat. David Crane.

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