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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Jeff33 , 23-11-2010

Accomodation near popoyo - Heading to Nicaragua in March & April and I'm looking for some accomodation near Popoyo or Santana. I dont wanna stay in a surf camp or condo as prices are ridiculous. Can anyone recommend a descent place run by locals? cheers

By Anonymous , 19-11-2010

Surf the Boom! - Cam I'm keen buddy. I just saw there was a last minute cancellation so the cabin is available until December 21. I'm in San Juan del Sur right now but can get to Aserradores today. Email me asap and we'll score some tubes!

By Cam , 09-10-2010

Surf the Boom - I like the look of this new website Pumping tubes in north Nicaragua and three bucks a day! I just need to find two more people to share the cabin and I'll stay for a few months! Anyone interested email me at

By jotake , 24-09-2010

Names of spots - Nica Surfer, I totally agree with you... so stupid names like hemmoroids... Tell me the story, one day, a guy surfed there and have to go out from the water because he has one inch diameter hemmoroid very painful? So craps.. But, no this is not only in Nicaraga, check out Macaraonis in mentawai for instance... Guys were eating macaronis after a crazy session there! Wooouahhh! Clever guys!

But it s your job Noca Surfers to educate the gringos.. and you could also add comment in wannasurf to restore the original names. Hoping the webmasters will hear you. And to do the same with surfers, guesthouses owners.. I guess with a good teamworking, you can get to the original names in two years...

Good luck. I would be more than happy to help you

By Anonymous , 18-09-2010

nica surfer - PLEASE stop putting gringo names to our breaks. many of the spots you mention here have names very different. it makes me sick to see so many names put on by gringos. the worst thing of all is that they are disgusting names. and really is very disturbing when a gringo comes here and asks for these names. not only misleading for them when they travel but disrespecful for us that a gringo comes and names a place thta has had a nae for years behind. its ridiculous. it is a nice effort from the site creatos to map out surf breaks around the world but should have some control on the names these gringos are putting on breaks that they are strangers to. i will probably not achieve much with this comment but i speak on behalf of the entire local surf community in nicaragua. nicaraguans. this matter is ridiculous and do not know if it happens in other countries but i am sure locas surfers feel the same way around the world. go name a break in your own beaches. our already have had names. no need for these disgusting names. especially put on by gringos.

By Anonymous , 06-09-2010

surf conditions in november - Hey, finally we have decided to go to nicaragua in november rather than october... the rainy season should be at the end, and some swells should hit the Nica. We juste hope to surf more than 2 feets... Does anyone would like to share its experience about surf conditions in november? Positive testimony would make me more confident for a trip at this time of the year. We hope to visit some nicas barrels! Thanks in advance

By Anonymous , 25-08-2010

trip to nica - My girl and I are going to Nica for the first time in a few weeks. Looking for a place to stay relatively inexpensive for only 2 or 3 days. This is her first time surfing. Any suggestions?

By Anonymous , 15-08-2010

Trip surf to Nicaragua in October/November - Hi guys,

I am just planning a trip to nicaragua at fall, and i wonder about the surf conditions if we go there from Mid-october to Mid-november. I know this is the end of rainy season, and quite consistent there. But what about the wind? Do you think it is better to go earlier or later than our dates? Is there an area to prefer at this time of the year? Many thanks for any inputs.

By giantsfoot , 02-05-2010

Rivas price comparison - I keep reading about playa colorado condos and people claiming that it is cheaper to rent a condo then book a week with a surf camp. This may be true for some people, but only if you eat and drink sparingly and buy all your food on the way in because there is no near by store, you would have to rent a car or get a taxi to go shopping. If, however, you would like to have all you can eat and drink(including beer and rum), as well as three guided boat trips a day to the best spots for the swells and tides then check out the surf camps in the area. For information on our accommodation and services scope

By Anonymous , 16-02-2010

Nica 2009 - went for 2 weeks in 09 and had an EPIC trip. stayed at Rancho Santana, rentaed a house walking distance from the clubhouse, and had the trip of a lifetime. was head high to overhead sets every single day we were there and yes, it WAS offshore all day. i have no idea how people can trash nicaragua. yea, i understand that places are gated, so next time stay at Rancho Santana, drive as south on the property as you can, parkon the beach and Voila! panga drops and Colorado's.

going again this year, and am hoping for the same thing!

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