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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By T'llkee , 03-08-2003

surfing is abouth soul - Damn its a shame to hear all these comments on aggresive locals... i'm trying to teach kids abouth chairing waves... traveling the world to see and know new cultures... and what for? to get beat up on some beach? all of u should realise that none of u owns a place...

By Adventurer , 31-07-2003

Hey No Title - what Americana wrote is mostly factual, except the Mexico sucks part! I love Mexico!!! including TJ! but just like most things, the deeper you go the better it gets! People like him have no business going there, they should stay in their own little plastic bubble!

By anonymous , 31-07-2003

no title - Americana your an ignorant dumbass I hope you stay in california the wrest of your life. Its people like you how give Americans a bad image. Keep your opinions to yourself.

By SEPPO , 14-07-2003

Seppo to Americana!! - I think you suck Americana! Just because you dont know a little bit of spanish and how to get around in Mexico it dosent mean that it all suck. Of course mexico dont have all thhat fancy shit you have in USA, its a third world country! You should not go there with the wish to see allluxury items you use in your home. I think Mexíco is the coolest place on earth and ive had my share of problems with police, bandidos, hookers etc. Still think its a super place. For all other people like Americana, "STAY AT HOME".

By Americana , 12-07-2003

Try the safe alternative, ALTA California - Man, Mexico sucks. It smells (because they have raw sewage everywhere, piss everywhere, rarely bathe, and never flush their toilet paper--it's put into trash cans). The most dangerous criminals are the COPS, and it isn't even that cheap anymore. Plus, the water is poolluted and cold. Take my advice. Go to ALTA California instead (that's California, just regular California). Go north of Santa Barbara and you have the same thing as Mexico. Good consistent uncrowded surf, year round, but without the evil roaches, federales, hookers, banditos, policia, hepatitis, Chickletts, Carona, and ceramic Bart Simpsons. Mexico Sucks!

By , 03-07-2003

where do I go in Baja?? - I want to find a semi secluded break/campground in Baja. Or a place with the best vibe for surfers/americans.
where should I go?
thanks for any info

By , 30-05-2003

Driving to Puerto Escondido - I'm entertaining the idea of driving from San Diego to Puerto Escondido. Anybody done it? Any advice on maps, books, or anything would be greatly appreciated.
In spanish or english is fine.

By dan , 21-04-2003

meheeko rox - mexico is rightous. great surfing and some of the friendliest people. keep your head on straight and you wont have any problems. be nice to the people, they want to meet you.take the time to give back and your stay will be twice as good. vios con dios amigos.

By , 27-03-2003

Brasilian Surfboards - I represent some of the best surf companies and shapers in Brasil.I'm loking for someone to be my representative in
Mexico or any contact in surfshop. We just work with the best material in the market and the price is very competitive because of our currency is depreciate. Tks, Eilon.

By Uncle Tupelo , 24-03-2003

Mexico: The Place To Be!!! - Although I confess to have never surfed, Last night I attended a showing of Ashland Mine Productions latest extreme kayaking film: No Big Names II: Amped! After this highly entertaining film ended, I had a new found respect for Mexico. Some of the most amazing scenery I have ever scene. Absolutely incredible. I now realize that there is an incredible paradise just south of the American border. I seriously wanted to go straight to the travel agency and book the next flight to Mexico City, and then seek out the whitewater labyrinth of the southern part of your country. A friend who has paddled extensively in the Yucatan Peninsula, then told me of waterfall playgrounds, and nearby, the perfect wave. Epic waves and more! Basically, to sum it all up, I look forward to traveling to Mexico as soon as possible to experience rewarding culture and people. Somewhere.....along the way an Epic adventure awaits!!!

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