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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By anonymous , 10-05-2004

no title -

By , 10-05-2004

Karolina - Jane!!
I´ve been living in Manzanillo since october. I know about most of the spots around, and other questions. E-mail me.

By anonymous , 20-02-2004

Mexico is in North American! - Mexico is in North American!

By , 01-02-2004

Christmas surf in PV/Mazanillo area? - We are planning a trip to Puerto Vallerta next Christmas and are staying in Manzanillo. We can not find out much info about surfing spots. Also is the water temp really only in the low 60's? Has anyone been there and can you give us any suggestions on surfing there? We were also thinking of Pueto Plata in the Dominican Republic. Just let us know. Thanks, Jane

By hhhhhhh , 17-01-2004

tips about mexico - aloha;;; we go in march and april 2004 in mexico... where are the good waves at this time ,,???? where is cheap ? clean and good food ? where is the best place to go ? what boards ? what surf requirement ? please,,,help^me !!! fred, ollllle, from europe

By anonymous , 14-01-2004

What Continent does it belong to? - According to world the Atlas Mexico is Part North America not Central America, Central America is formed by Honduras, El Salvador, Guatelmala, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama . . . Also Aruba, Cuba, Purto Rico, are not Central American contries, ths are Island in the Caribean Sea . . . not Central Amerca . . .

By mex! , 10-01-2004

mexico third world ?? - shit...i forgot that!
man here in mexico we have extreme poor people and the richiest people in the world(narcs,carlos slim..etc)
you are just talking about the north side ......i even have 2 tiffany´s near my fuck´n home....!

By anonymous , 07-08-2003

PINCHE PINCHE GRINNNNGO! - You miss you sorry fuck face….i am not brazo whish i was though since Brazil has 1000 better women then your country, and better waves ALSO, sorry for you who have to live in a PLASTIC COUNTRY…..keep guessing maybe you will find where I am from….by the way YOU SUCK!

By me , 07-08-2003

PINCHY BRAZOS!!! thats what - fuck you Brazo, all of you go back to brasil. And I know it wasnt an aussie, cause any of 'em that surf well and travel know whats up, and they ARE down with the seppos.

By anonymous , 07-08-2003

“pinches gringos” - MEXICO DOES NOT SUCK…..MEXICO KICK ASS I HAVE BEEN THERE several times and it is like everywhere around this planet, you respect people, they will respect you. My own personal experience with Mexico is:

1.- Waves KICK ASS
2.- Does not smell, at least I would like to go surfing there instead of FUCKING VENICE BEACH.
3.- People are reaaaally nice if you take the time to talk to them gently and respectfully.
4.- Cops ..yeah they are dirty, but no worst than your freaking LAPD (if in doubt ask Mr. Rodney King).
5.- Party is awesome…50,000 times better than in your freaking “CALI”

But I agree with something…American traveling around the world “conquering” surfing spots…SUCKS ! (just look around this wave site, the attitude of the americanos traveling remains), don’t get me wrong I have met with the COOLEST American people traveling, but MOST OF THEM have to be taught how to behave.

Bottom line..I will pick Mexico 5 times over California….

Let the record show that I AM NOT MEXICAN…!

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