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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By , 28-01-2005

from california to Mexico - Hey guys,
Im a german surfer who want to do a roadtrip from california to Mexico. First I want to check out some spots in california and then spend most of my time in Mexico. Im thinkin about to buy a car in US and travell around! Can anybody give some tips or advices?! Is it possible to sleep in the car next to the beach?
Thanx, marc

By anonymous , 10-12-2004

spots near cancun - can i get some spots near cancun

By anonymous , 03-12-2004

where to go in december - hey
i am going to mexico in december. Can anyone give me some advice on where the waves would be good this time of year. Wont have a car and want a place where i am right on the beach.
p.s i am coming from ireland and if anyone doesent know yet the surf there is the shit (although its a bit cold now so bring on mexico)

By seb , 15-10-2004

car in mexico - Hello

For a next surftrip, its better to buy or rent a car in mexico for a surftrip during 2 months???

By lived in mexco for my life , 17-09-2004

whos the dumb one - mexico is in central america between usa and brazil speads

By Hand over Fist , 30-07-2004

Isn't Mexico in North America? - This is what they teach you in school, but maybe the california public school system is wrong.

By , 26-07-2004

Yo Amo Mexico - OK...I've been reading all the posts on here and must say they are quite interesting , funny, and nice.

First of all to 'Americana' tu es uno pinche stupido gringo, eh?

Guys, I am a Nor-Cal Core surfer for 13 local break is Kelly's Cove in SF, and Delta force in HMB(don't even ask...unless you want to surf a mean right point break in chilly 50 deg water near shark breeding grounds).
Also I an Mexicano-Americano...and no I am not a 1st gen, mi familia este uno originales Californios de Espana con mestizos.

Anyway my advice to all of you is go to does not have polluted waters. Police are not like the criminals...bullshit. Kids like Americana only hate the cops because they break the laws in Mexico, don't respect Mexican People, Culture and History- and then expect everything to be ok, when they get drunk in the streets, act rude and act like fuck heads.

Mexico is lo mejor! Waves are great, Food is cheap, tasty and don't worry it is clean and safe. Also los mujeres!!! The waves and women cannot be matched in North America.

And yes Mexico is Norte America!

If you are a chicken shit and scared of mexicans only because you are illiterate in spanish and you are a 160 lb twerp....look pal take some spanish lessons from a local honey, learn how to protect yourself, i.e. martial arts and learn something about the history and culture of the magical Mexico and then you will have fun.

A word of caution...fools only get fucked with by la policia because the are drunk and rude on the street...To all my fellow surfers who like to drink, your self- don't drink and drive, or don't drink too much to the point you are barfing and passed out on the street- because at that point you will be going to jail and be respectful of others and you will be ok.

Also Mexicans remind of me of the French. In other words, They respect people who are interested in their rich history, language and culture, and those who make a concious effort to learn the language and respect their people.....

But I guess that is FUCKING COMMON SENSE!!!! To wherever you travel.

Yes it is true that alot of Caucasian Americans just don't get. Sad but true!

Anyway....hang ten
orale orale companeros!

Ben Martinez

By anonymous , 01-07-2004

Nippon - Dude, you people are so advanced compared to western morons that it is we that should be thanking you. And my dad was at Pearl Harbor. He was a great American, but never disliked the Japanese- even during the war. Hey, have fun out there.

By Nippon Kook-san , 01-07-2004

Thanks a lot - Hello, Hola, I am a Japanese surfer. It is unfortunate to see some confilict in this thread. (maybe it is just because I am from a isolated island where homogenous people inhabit, so I am sorry if my point is wrong.)>> I have experienced to see so many great sites along the coast of this continent, so I would like to say that we should share/sense the gnarliness of the water/ nature altogether. Also I would like to thank for all the Mexicans who were so nice to me during my visit (understanding my poor spanish) and all the Americans who have taught me how to surf. Thanks bunch.

By , 25-05-2004

France loves Mexico - hello every surfing friends, I come from france and will make a 2 months trip in this country wich seems so rich and paradoxal(jully+august). I will stay nearly 2 weeks next to the ocean, can you advice me waves without too many people for surfing and a friendly city? Muchas gracias e viva el grande Pacifico

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