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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By anonymous , 23-05-2006

Not Great, But not bad - I just got back yesterday from PV. The spots to consider are:

Take a boat ride to the beach directly in Front of the 4 seasons. 2 min rides. It is anywhere from $20 to $90US

San Francisco- Looked like a lake

Punta Mia-Long rights. Shallow lefts. See thomas at Scession if you need a board. Its about 200 Pesos a day
It only broke one day that I was there.

Saluydid (probably spelled wrong)-Real fun right. Rented board on beach for 50 Pesos per hr. Another shallow left. Has an issue with local. I resolved quickly by showing him the collision factor between my 10 ft rental and his "got this for christmas" short stick.

Make sure to bring booties. The rocks can be a little sharp in most places but nothing like Maui ect. I found that the local board selection was pretty good also. Normally you can't get Fiberglass from a shop but at the bottom of the hill to the left at Scession in Punta Mia the folks were pretty cool. Charlies in Punta Mia is known for pretty good people also but I didn't try it.

Overall I was on a tagalong business trip with my girlfriend and had low expectations so longboarding long waist size lefts was better than watching the world cup at the hotel bar getting drunk to buy time.

Also there is one more spot just south on of Punta Mia. There is a small cement factory on the left side going south, maybe 5 min driving. You just park on the gravel and walk the trail to a more secluded beach break. There are 2 cement areas so I beleive it is the second.

By anonymous , 10-05-2006

- I will taking a family vacation to Cancun in June. Will there be waves? And if so, are their boards to rent? I'm just looking for waist high waves. Any insight would be helpful.

By anonymous , 06-04-2006

Rip Curl Pro - Does anyone know where the Rip Curl Search Pro will be held this June?

By , 20-03-2006

Driving from San Diego Thru to mexico - hi me and my girlfriend are wanting to know if it is realistic to drive from San Diego to Puerto Escondido? We have 4-6wks to travel and will have filming equipment as keen to film good surfers. would love to know of good camping spots along the way, and places to surf, love big hollow waves but will surf anything, we are both real chilled out and dont drink to excess or smoke, wondering what hazards to look out for how long it will take, what quality of vehicle we will need ( in san diego looking for car now )have a mate back in tas who said he did it and had the time of his life got here and realised the sheer enormity of it!! still keen as to go out and explore though, any help at all would be greatly appreciated, looking forward to further adventures, cheers dusto and bec

By Compromiser , 14-01-2006

1 week vacation - i'm going for a trip with the girlfriend this spring. trying to figure out a compromise, my ideal spot is some local fishing village in peru sleeping for $5 a night near a 200 meter long empty left line up, hers is being pampered at an all inclusive resort in the bahamas. thinking troncones maybe even though it seems really pricey. a big hotel type place is probably out of the question for me but i don't know, never been. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. if anyone has been to troncones, is everything pricey or just accomadation? thanks

By , 18-11-2005

puerto escondido surf conditions - Hi there
surf still shitty here Pro Contest tomorrow and Sunday but no waves afternoons from 2 pm til 5 pm are ok if theres no wind blowing the last bits flat


By HH , 15-11-2005

wetsuit? spots near cancun? wax? - hey guys,
I´m going to mexico from november till april and will stay at the peninsula of yucatan. does anybody know any nice spots there????
on holidays i wanted to travel around, go to the pacific - do i need a wetsuit there?
and how much does wax cost in mexico? thankx and aloha, Helen

By , 27-06-2005

Surf Trip - I am currently working in Mexico City and I want to get away for a long weekend to surf. Where do you think I should go to get the best bang for my buck in Mexico -Puerto? I am willing to fly somewhere. I hope to find a beach I can go directly to and surf and not have to move for 3-4 days.

By Anonymous , 05-06-2005

Beldoll--about Nexpa in August - I was there last August. The waves are usually at least six feet, and in the rainy season the water is dirty from the river run-off. Like Rico said, it is not wise to travel alone in Mexico whether you are male or female. You might do better by flying into Ixtapa, renting a car and surfing the breaks just to the north including Troncones and a couple just beyond that. These are much more gentle waves, better for longboards, and the water is cleaner even in the rainy season. But find someone to travel with.

By , 23-05-2005

for everybody who is going to Puerto Escondido - Hello... just letting you know there is a very good camping zone in Puerto, very cheap, very secure and comfortable, and it is ubicated right infront of Zicatela's beach.. you go there, you ask for the camping it's very easy to find.. the owner's name is vicky..... HAVE FUN!!!

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