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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Anonymous , 09-06-2007

Rip (Ripcurl/bad)?! - Hey Rip whas the scoop on Ripcurl/bad?!

By El mexicano , 21-04-2007

Next best beach break - Septic 1, I'd have to say the next best place in mainland mex to get barreled with places to stay at is playa Bonfil in Acapulco...and it's a perfect beach break!

By septic 1 , 16-04-2007

Best beach break - Where are the best beach break barrels on mainland Mexico, after Puerto and Pasquales. Perferably one with places to stay on it.

By Anonymous , 12-04-2007

Rip - New Rule. If you buy Rip Curl, you get dropped in on!!! World wide.

By Anonymous , 02-04-2007

Surf near Puerto Vallarta - I'm going around Sept timeframe. Any suggestions on where to stay surf. I'm bringing the wife so we're looking for nice accomodations.

By dub , 29-03-2007

where to buy a board ? - Hi gays, i'm living from france for a 3 weeks trip along the pacific coast in may. My problem is that it's to expensive to bring my board, grrrrrrr
So please could you tell me where to found some around colima. Is it easy to found some ,,??? wich price ????

Thanks a lot for your help
and see you in the barrels !!!

By Surfer in Paradise , 09-11-2006

Going South - So this is where it all begins, and you can read and read about where to take your trip, from the pages off the Internet, or you can simply go, and plan along the way. Either way it's still going to come down to luck, well that, along with changes in the weather, future swell arrival patterns, the people and events that will cross your path, and likely even your Karma.

It's been like this since very long ago, and will probably remain so, far into the future. Yes I know, back then it was easier to park, easier to check it, less crowded and less polluted. Today it is easier to drive, easier to surf, there's safety in numbers, and more conveniences. Net-net has anything really important, really changed?

I used to be able to grab a board, and a backpack and hit public transport for the distance time would take me. Today I still can, at least until I have to get back to work, as it *is* more expensive, but hey, there's now AC.

Every time's unique, if you are a real surfer and ever went on your first surf surfari, you will go again. And if you are a real surfer and have never been on one, you *will* go on your first.

Surf travelers have for years, and still to this day, fly into southern California to prepare for the adventure south. A typical story goes like this: Meet your friend at LAX whom you haven't seen since years back in Indo or some other travel spot, and even though they are originally from your home town, you actually never see them when at home. You figure out some visa paperwork, and put logistics together, and pitch in on buying a used truck.
You buy boards and wax, load up with food from the health food store in OB and continue south. You may or may not burn a weekend in TJ, but you know deep down that no matter what happens in the city, it will be the surf which will drag you out of the Frontier.
And that is a good thing.

Whether your destiny only takes you to Cabo, or maybe as far as Puerto, Panama, or even Chile, the following things will nevertheless, still happen:
You will surf terrible, tiny blown out slop, not worthy to even be called surfing, in dirty water with locals and crazy ex-pats hassling your every stroke.
You will surf waves so good, in conditions so epic, without another human in sight and under such a magic spell that you will never forget the session. And you will likely not get any pictures, but if you do they will not do the experience justice.
If you are lucky, you will experience corruption, as it is part of the culture.
If you are unlucky, you will experience corruption, as it is part of organized crime.
You will hopefully get thinner, stronger, healthier, and become a smarter and a better person.
But you may get somewhat worse for wear, or catch something, or put on weight, or get a really bad sunburn. But I pray that you won't.
Boards will snap and bad things can happen, but you will help fix them.
You may fall in love. But if you don't, you will understand the reason why you didn't.
You will return from your trip alive.
If you return alive, you will have a reason for living.
You will travel there again. But if you don't, you will doubt your dreams.

Que le vaya bien (travel well).

By Anonymous , 20-09-2006

- what would be the nicest laid back place to go to in Mexico not so far from DF?

By , 28-05-2006

advice - coming to mexico 20 June. will be in oaxaca region and caribeean side where all the ruins are. Does it rain non stop at this time of year?
thinking of hiring a car and self driving. Is this a good idea????

By anonymous , 23-05-2006

Not Great, But not bad - I just got back yesterday from PV. The spots to consider are:

Take a boat ride to the beach directly in Front of the 4 seasons. 2 min rides. It is anywhere from $20 to $90US

San Francisco- Looked like a lake

Punta Mia-Long rights. Shallow lefts. See thomas at Scession if you need a board. Its about 200 Pesos a day
It only broke one day that I was there.

Saluydid (probably spelled wrong)-Real fun right. Rented board on beach for 50 Pesos per hr. Another shallow left. Has an issue with local. I resolved quickly by showing him the collision factor between my 10 ft rental and his "got this for christmas" short stick.

Make sure to bring booties. The rocks can be a little sharp in most places but nothing like Maui ect. I found that the local board selection was pretty good also. Normally you can't get Fiberglass from a shop but at the bottom of the hill to the left at Scession in Punta Mia the folks were pretty cool. Charlies in Punta Mia is known for pretty good people also but I didn't try it.

Overall I was on a tagalong business trip with my girlfriend and had low expectations so longboarding long waist size lefts was better than watching the world cup at the hotel bar getting drunk to buy time.

Also there is one more spot just south on of Punta Mia. There is a small cement factory on the left side going south, maybe 5 min driving. You just park on the gravel and walk the trail to a more secluded beach break. There are 2 cement areas so I beleive it is the second.

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