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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 San pancho

Mexico, Sinaloa-Nayarit

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By jaxon , 07-07-2011

Lotsa fun - Went there once several years ago and magically caught decent swell - gotta a lotta of fun lefts. Good, punchy and long enough wave...although the "reef" was intimidating (just a bunch of huge boulders that looked like they were just dumped there). This area is super beautiful/tropical and absolutely packed with huge palm trees...your non-surfing significant other will enjoy it, too.

By Anonymous , 28-08-2009

- If the break right out on the main beach isn't good on any given day, Alonso at San Pancho Surf shop is definitely the man to go to to find the lesser-known spots. This page has an interview with him and how to get in contact with him:
He also heads the Nayarit surf federation and plans surf contests in San Pancho. Lots of action!

He is a super great surfing source for the area.

By Anonymous , 01-10-2008

mitch - Just got back from a weeklong trip there.It was really good,fast.There was a good south swell in the water.It is a rivermouth,cobblestone break.It was actually breaking a little north of river.Friendly atmosphere and good pizza at pizza gallos.Was there mid sept 08

By Anonymous , 28-03-2008

San Pancho Surf Shop - Just getting back to the rainy country up north after 10 days in San Pancho. When you go there make sure and stop by San Panch Surf Shop and visit Alonzo. He's a nice fellow and he'll help you with any surf questions or just local knowledge. He's a rippin surfer with a mellow mentality. I'm a longboarder and gave San Pancho beachbreak a try, but too fast for me. Shortborders would love this place, no crowds on the waves and I hear it gets powerful in the summer. Head to Chacala's for some nice quiet fun-for-all waves. Hit it now before they develop the coast right up to it soon. LaLancha is a good bet for quiet beach and mellow longboarding waves. Sayulita, good but hit it early AM, not sure if it's worth the crowds and attitude about the wave, i'm sure it has it's moments. Enjoy

By DH , 05-10-2006

Got really Sick!! - Take the advice from the above message about San Pancho. Just got back from Costa Azul and surfed here only one day. Break was decent but super crowded with over zealous Locals. Got a gnarly ear infection in both ears. Worst ever! Still recovering after two weeks back. Hope it's nothing more serious. Advice-stay away from this break during rainy season. Wasn't worth the pain.

By , 15-03-2006

for surf trip - place for camping ore cheap place for sleep at san pancho

By anonymous , 12-03-2006

Water will make you sick... - The towns sewer flows into the Estuary. The wave only breaks during the rains when the Estuary's raw sewage spills into the sea...The break is directly in front of the estuary.. There are numerous risks associated with surfing in sewage discharge, number one threat is hepatitis, because you get it for life. Then there are intestinal diseases; ear and nose viruses and bacteria; sinus and ear infections; shigella, typhoid, cholera, E. coli and others I hate to think of. Be carefull This inconsistant break is not worth the risk....

By anonymous , 07-08-2005

Rain? Watch the Water... - When that rivermouth does break through after the wet-season storms, beware. That water is is really muddy and full of human waste from the village of San Francisco, which is just inland. It is true that San Pancho can get good but, I use the headland just to South of the break as a swell indicator for the better quality points in the area.

By northman , 25-07-2005

buenas olas - don't judge the waves in san pancho by the pics posted here - this place can get unreal but you need a south swell. it also helps if you get there after the river mouth breaks out - typically in late july, early august which makes this place like a wave machine. on an 8 to 12 foot swell - this place goes off. big, fast, long, hollow lefts. best thing about it is it's never crowded and has some of the coolest locals in mex. it has a cool little surf/coffee shop too.

By Black Bart , 12-05-2005

Whatever Barno - I have surfed this place many times and it goes off occationally and can be hollow! As for the barney that said it sucked look at the pics you are a kook! If you go by the pics on all of these spots you are sadly mistaken. Many of the mentioned spots have the worst days in the pics. Coma Mierda!

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