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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Sinaloa-Nayarit

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By dski , 24-09-2008

Thank you - I wanted to take a minute and thank you so much for your post regarding 22 surfers next year. Actually it is staying at 16 not 22 but we recieved so many calls from your post it helped us to get new surfers down there. Anything else you can do to help promote is appreciated.

Thank you........

By Anonymous , 23-09-2008

Surf Camp to have 22 guys next year. - Those greedy bastards, why pay to surf with a crowd, what a joke. I will not go there with 22 guys staying there. They ruined it by being greedy. I will never go back, Puerto, Nexpa, Manzanillo here I come, you idiots.

By Anonymous , 18-08-2008

Peace - As a local I don't like the way we've been kicked out from the point we love. I would never finish writting all the other bad things hade happened here. I don't care who comes to surf here. You guys from anywhere are well come to come. We have jerks here too, so... no matter how many things you've seen and hear here.....just don't forget that we are looking for fun..... we don't get that fighting like that!...the biggest problem is MONEY AND POWER but thats not everything in this world. If you take Naty's option its ok, they will treated as a king...why? cause you deserve it and you have the green bills. But I dont think his actitud to other people is might only know the his side.
People can talk about our goberment and the corruption here.... we all now is f....up but don't talk about mexicans or Mexico....if you don't like it.... don't come! DONT TALK CRAP if you don't know what's going on might have bad things at home too.
This is for all of you people! we just wannasurf......I hope we all can surf one of the best spots in mexico.
"El Patole"

By Jules , 08-08-2008

Jules - Word around the campfire is Patole has just recently been closed for surfing and even the Locals have been kicked out by a couple big name corporations.

too bad.

By , 03-08-2008

Not Sure - Why everybody is complaining here I did some research and actually there are multiple owners at Patole and they dont want any people on there land. Well if I owned it I would feel the same, just like you dont want anyone in your house. Stop crying. I surfed this spot 2 years ago and it was really fun but there are so many other good spots in Mazatlan.

By Anonymous , 19-07-2008

"PATOLE CLOSE BY NATY YES SINALOA SURFADVENTURES OWNER" - well again natividad osuna yes the same the owner of sinaloasurfadventures now and like all the time doing the things to the wrong way the police kickout the surfers from mazatlan!!!!!!! continue this week

By Anonymous , 03-07-2008

no mas "PEOPLE" - GRINGOS if youall find the spot do not bring more people, now is to crowd AND respect the locals.

By Anonymous , 13-05-2008

patole land is "hot" - Well again MStr naty wants the patole , he still want to close that area and he send the poor people to jail, do you think thats the right way to do the thinks

By Moldero , 12-05-2008

places to stay - theres a few places in Celestino (3km north of Patoles, right on the beach with its own kick ass break)

By jes"eye" , 13-03-2008

a cheap place to stay - going to mexico again this summer.....although i do have a airfair, i have no place to stay..anyone know of a cheep place to stay on the coast...jalisco/nayarit/sinaloa.. thanks bros/sistas

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