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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By yann , 15-10-2010

Sure... - At least, you can express yourself.

By hater , 14-10-2010

Wannasurf SUX!!!! don't believe any of this sh*t - wannsurf is such a joke. the info is totally wrong and they are too cheap to hire copy editors to clean up this section of the BS and misinformation. dont' believe ANYTHING you read @ punta mita or sinaloa in here!!!! yes, mexico is full of colorful characters but this is full of slander and crap. the positive "reviews" are all obviously FAKE too. trust me. do your own research by calling the people you are interested in staying with and talking to them directly. Punta Mita and Sinaloa should NOT be in the same section. They are totally far away from each other and get different swells at different times of hte year. you only want to go to sinaloa in the summer south season. you're wasting your money there in the winter when mita is great. the crazy nonsense on here is funny but u have to decide for yourself who to go with. don't believe the hype!! or this site :)

By Anonymous , 12-07-2010

Who is this woman? - After reading this message written obviously by a woman I must say that she missed her call by not becoming a writter for Readers Digest or has a bad case of menopause.How can someone make a slanderous statement like that on the inter-net and sleep at night.I just bought a condo in Punta de Mita and would like to know this womans name as to avoid her and anyone like her!

By Anonymous , 11-07-2010

anonymous lied about villas las olas - sadly, ''anonymous'' used the internet to harm good, gentle and generous hosts that provide a warm, welcoming , clean and i should also say tasty (lisa is an excellent cook) environment in which you may enjoy punta mita and surfing. this maligner, is very unstable and is full of hate for the neighbors and has caused much damage to them and for some crazed reasoning is exporting his lies now to these good people. i know this because we live in the neighborhood but i don't want to id myself for fear that this man, who is known locally as ''sailboat dave'' will slash our tires or put sugar in our gas tank or steal from our home as he has done in the past to other candidates of his hate. in fact the mexican police have a demanda out for this man. (please do not id me, my fear is real and my husband would be very unhappy about becoming his target)

By Anonymous , 10-07-2010

Villas las Olas - This place is run by Dave and Lisa but owned by a Gringo Narco that lives across the street in Casa las Palmas so if you wish to support people involved in drug cartels this is the place.

By Anonymous , 24-03-2010

Celestino Shootout - All you N. Sinaloa surfers might want to check out this article about the Narcos going OFF on the bridge at Celestinos. Half the dead were people that just happened to be driving by...

By Wade , 11-01-2010

Staying in Punta Mita - If you are going to stay in Punta Mita I would recommend Villas Las Olas. It is in the town of Punta Mita and Dave and Lisa are wonderful hosts. Price was very reasonable, the suite was clean and well maintained, and they really take care of you. Great breakfasts too. Thanks Dave and Lisa!

By jramos4 , 27-01-2009


By Surfdude , 05-02-2008

Danger/Read - Don't go to Las Palmas in Punt Mita (Dave and Irene's). Stuff gets ripped of by their drug dealing friends and Dave doesn't care. He's a crap surf guide anyway.

By Anonymous , 13-01-2008

Las Olas Hotel - My family and I had a great surf trip to Punta Mita this Christmas and we thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality of Dave and Lisa at the Hotel Las Olas. Great place to stay and great people. Very fun waves too.

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