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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By anonymous , 18-10-2005

punta conejo! - anyone know how far punta conejo is from salina cruz? Is access hard?

By , 21-01-2005

surf quide - going to huatulco 3/112005 need a surf quide,will supply trans and pay a day rate which includes food

By wave master a , 16-10-2004

travel - goin mex on 5th jan 05 going by muself. if any 1 else is going out around that time send me an email and we could mayb travel 2gether igo get the sickest waves of our lives.

By CuriousGeroge , 25-07-2004

Funny - In the American Northwest you can start a huge fight by calling someone a Oaxacan if they're from some other region of Mexico. Kind of like calling someone an Okie Redneck. Is Oaxaca really such a shite place?

By anonymous , 15-07-2004

Flying - There are so many people who surf and so many who are doing other sports which require flying their equipment around So why does someone create a forum which boycott those airline such as Continental, Iberia, Delta, Lufthansa, United American etc'

We should embrace airlines such as "Air New Zealand" "British Airways" and other wonderful airlines which let us do our sport free of charge as it should be. Look at Delta one of the biggest thives is already being boycott.

Surfers (and other sports funs) should have their site where thives airlines are boycott and other, which off course do not still your money as they please, are recomended. See to see fees.

By anonymous , 03-07-2004

Crime!?!? - Well I'm afraid you'll find crime anywhere in the world you go to! I guess you could call it bad luck if you were caught in the wrong place at the right time!

By anonymous , 28-06-2004

Crime? - In Mexico? In Oaxaca? Where have you been? All those disgusting gangs that infest North America learned how to be disgusting in Mexico. Costa? Great place if you are into white powder (not talking snow or sand). Why bother? Costa is in fashion at this time but don't lull yourself into a false sense of security.

By anonymous , 11-06-2004

Is it dangerouse? - Is there a lot of crime there?
I heard Costa is a much safer place to go to, does anyone knows if it is true?

By Ramses ------ , 15-04-2004

Point and Left -- same thing - I have been Puerto Escondido many times. I am sure that La Punta and Puerto Escondido Left ar the same break. There, it is called La Punta or The Point. Anyway, great website. Keep up the good work.

By , 20-08-2003

Airports - Which Mexican airport should I fly to from Costa Rica if I wish travel to puerto escondido?

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