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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Anonymous , 23-08-2006

Somewhere in Mexico - Fuck Rip Curl. Another perfect spot blown up and their brand is all over it. They have not only forever lost my business but hopefully the respect of most core surfers around the world. Stay at one of the many spots already ruined and take your money and shove it up your sell-out asses.

By El Maestro , 17-08-2006

RipCurl Search and DESTROY... - What a pity...
To all you who want to surf "La Jolla" from the past WCT contest: Don't be lazy!!! Learn some Spanish and explore Mexico to find it yourselves! (Like the generations before you have done!!!) It's the only 'right' way to find this great wave...
I beg everyone that uses this website: Please don't submit directions to any "secret breaks." It takes the romance out of personal surf discovery. (Plus you ruin it for those that have been there before you!)

By Anonymous , 03-08-2006

THE (internet) SEARCH - The WCT event was cool to watch, but damn- it sucks to see the area get so much press now. The place will never go back to what it was. Now everybody with a board wants to know where "La Jolla" is, and it`s been served up on a platter. It`s all about money- first sold out to wavehunters, then to RipCurl. If it were really about a search or keeping the location quiet, RipCurl never would have announced and advertised the area, which they did several times, name and all. That`s what we call down here "una pendejada".

By Anonymous , 29-07-2006

La Jolla - Is located in San Diego just south of Scripts Pier. That~s all you need to know. Join the ASP so you too could continue the search to expose good surf breaks.

By la jolla , 20-07-2006

la jolla - where is "la jolla"? is not a secret anymore!

By Anonymous , 01-07-2006

LA JOLLA?? - last wct search was here in mexico and near this area anyone knows something about the secret break that held the contest (La Jolla), please respond

By Anonymous , 28-06-2006

Huatulco sucks - Shitty waves in huatulco. Steep cliffs with very little beach access. Lots of wind. Way better in Puuerto

By , 21-06-2006

Surfing inn Huatulco - Is there any good surfing beaches in the Huatulco area?
Whats the best for Late October?
Thanx, TomCatt

By , 28-05-2006

advice - coming to Mexico on 20 June. will be in the puerto escondida area and then moving to oaxaca and to the carribean side to see all the ruins.
My questions are: rainy season - does it rain non stop all the time or are there just short showers.
I am going to hire a car in Mexico city and self drive all over - is this a good idea or not?
looking forward to hearing from you.

By , 03-12-2005

Escondido jan 2006 - Hi I' m an italian guy who wants to go to puerto escondido on 15th jan 06 for 2 weeks, alone.Is there anyone who goes there in the same period?can someone give me some information about the mexican lifestyle?Is It dangerous?Thank' s

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