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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Rio nexpa

Mexico, Michoacan

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By morelia surf club leader, luis g. , 30-10-2006

trouble for the tourists - hi, i am luis de morelia. i surf nexpa lots. not no more. many troubles on the roads. banditos will kill me and take my car and ask my moms for money for my body. its no good there. no good for anyone. the guy jorge says to come but they get trouble also. much to many problems. ask the gringos in caleta de campos. many are surfer and will say it is dangerous. bad place to be. everyone is leaving. i go to playa now for los tubos. son buenas!!!!! y grandes!!!!!

By xnexpa fan , 30-10-2006

caleta shootout - I too missed getting caught in the cross fire when the gun battle took place saturday night.By Sunday afternoon, Federales, cops and Army where all over the place, by Wedensday morning they all had left.No more check points, no Federales to be seen.Wonder why? Theyare as scared as the rest of the population.This drug war is not over.It will continue to escalate, and to think you are safe as a travelling surfer is bullshit.They have copied the Colombian's practice for cutting off heads, when do you think they will try something new like kidnapping tourists for money?Besides, the river blew out alll the sand and the waves turned to shit.better off going to Barra Cruz with the rest

By tad white, Corpus Christy, Texas! , 30-10-2006

where is george mendoza? - first of all, put your name down if you are going to write on this site. sencond, george is a punk! always has been and always will be. i was at nexpa for june, july and half of august. and no, the surf wasn't pumping. it was rainy and washed out most of the time. even when it got swell and got big, it was 20' slop and unorganized. the place has totally been taking over by brazilians. its not the kick back relaxing fun surf spot it used to be. now its lick a pro-am contest in the water everyday. what a joke! i blame george. too much talk about it. too much internet advertising. too many pics floating around. all so george can make a few extra bucks. great, one man reaps the rewards while the rest pay the price. sounds like george has learned a lot from his nor cal flower growers when he is up there "growing flowers". WHATEVER!! the violence in mexico is heavy. its been going on all summer, but is at its peak right now. its not safe, its not a joke and its no place for americans or other non-mexicans to be. its scary, brother!

By Anonymous , 27-10-2006

rio nexpa the real deal - the problems caleta and nexpa are having at the moment is not new.its been going on since the summer not only in michoacan but alot of other states of mexico, check out the mexican news to see for yourself.yeah the cartels are at it big time.has it affected tourism and surfing in michoacan?no ,they are not after surfers .yeah there is a scare of being caught up in a cross fire or a check point from men dressed as cops that aren't but michoacan has always been cowboy country and that isn,t about to change.nexpa has had the sickest surf this summer for years, you guys that right crap about the surf there are sad, the place pumps and always has done.skeletons in jorges closet there are none, can't the guy take a break from work without being accused of hiding!basically if you are visiting nexpa or anywhere else in mexico soon be careful,avoid night time driving and looking in villages for cheap tacos after dark, stay at the beach,surf and mind your own business.

By L ucky to be alive , 24-10-2006

I was there but wish I was´nt - There we were like a couple idiots at Nexpa wondering why all the restaurants were closed on Saturday Oct. 21. so we went to Caleta to eat. Bad call!! We entered main street and looked like a ghost town, all stores shut tight and not a person to be seen. Out of nowhere a black suburban with police lights stopped us and told us to get the hell out of town, which we did almost burning rubber. Now we know why.. 40 members in 8 trucks of a drug cartel fully armed with automatic weapons and grenade launchers opened fire on several houses and hotel in Caleta. some kind of turf battle. Those were not police and we don't know why Chicho did´nt warn us not to go to town. The surf was shit and we packed our stuff and went to Zihuatanejo. Dont make the same mistake as us. I have never been so scared in my life. These people are not playing games. We heard on the news later that 10 people were killed. No wonder Jorge is hiding, who knows what bridges he has burned ??

By Better saft than sorry , 24-10-2006

A Serious Thanks - I just wanted to seriously say thanks to the guys who are keep everyone updated on what is going on down in Michoacan. I've been around this sight for a while now and read warning/negative posts about a number of places around indo,sri lanka, and even costa but never really let them influence my travels and usually the stories turned out to be exaggerated. Moral of the story is I was just about to book a last minute ticket to Ixtapa when I read about everything going on down there. And although I don't usually like to let negative situations influence where I surf it seems like this might be a case of better safe than sorry. So cheers to the guys who are taking the time to help out their fellow surfers. You might have even helped save someone a lot of trouble, quien sabes?

By left with tail between my legs , 24-10-2006

know before you go - gunfire in streets of caleta! yep, got three calls yesterday from local mexicans who have left the nexpa area. its heavy man. the military has siezed the town at this point after 3 days of drug cartel warfare in the steets. the owner of the new days hotel...dead. chichos brother in law... dead. the guy who ran the big market... dead. 2 locals have been kidnapped and presumed... dead. george from the point... in hiding. helen his wife... in england w/the kids. never heard back from juan the surfshop guy so i assume he is outta town with his family. probably in guadalajara. its been fairly quiet and safe there the last 3 months. its heavy, man! very heavy. and the river mouth blew out. its chocolate milk there. the locals say 4-6 months before it gets organized again. i blame all the gringos, brazilian and other dickhead surf travelers. the place was cool when it was a cali/tex mex hang out. bruce, matty and the school bus boys were always a blast to hang with. now, its rio de nexpa.... is that mexico or brazil. now with no waves and insane violence, its just better not to be there. wait til next year. it should calm down by then. good god, lets hope so!

By by better safe than sorry in mexico... stay home! , 24-10-2006

fygor the trust funder is an idiot! - is a moron! sure in the 90's it was CHILL. stupid idiot!!! smoke weed and get your ass plowed by the local mexicans. pinche hoto! i remember you... you're a kook! read the news ya' stupid ass! amreican and mexican... its the same... bad... bad news for michoacan!!! people being murdered. locals even in caleta de campos being kidnapped. don't listen to some stoned idiot who was there 10+ years ago. find the facts yourself. its all over the news down there. this guy is what is causing the problems. stupid americans who learn to speak spanish in a 6 week cousre. then take some trust fund $$$ and buy a car. screw a local girl and decide they are gonna live there forever. well, that is until daddy says no more trust fund $$$ boy until you come home. then they leave... a trail of distruction behind them. some poor ass indian girl now has a gringo baby, some poor kid is getting his ass kicked because he befriended the gringo that knocked up the 13 year old girl. get the idea. its all good when you are high, loaded with daddy's $$$ and never come back!!!! when you go year, after year, after year like i do. then you see the real mexico. its ugly my friend... muy, muy feo!

By all of this is for real , 22-10-2006

nexpa is gone, the wave is gone - chicos brother-in-law (marthas husband) was killed last week. i am sorry for the mendoza and extended families loss. helen is gone back to england. she took the two kids with her. george is gone. he is in the states or hiding in the bush somewhere. its heavy man, really, really heavy right now. not the place to be. PLUS the river completely blew out. the point is gone. THERE IS NO SURF AT NEXPA ANYMORE! sure it will come back, but not for a long, long time. go to barra or puerto they are still going off.

By Saving America from embarrassment , 20-10-2006

My dear friend, - My dear friend, JTL a.k.a., you appear to be quite illiterate based on the words you have written. Your "Mexican experience" seems to have taken place some time ago. You are obviously extremely uninformed when it comes to the topics of todays Mexico.

It is sad, but true, that violence is dominting the landscape of Pacific Coast of Mexico as we speak. There is great unrest and hostility surrounding the latest Mexican government. Drug lords and drug cartels are running a muck thru the states of Michoacan and Guerrero. If you take the time to READ FOR YOURSELF, you can quickly and easily uncover the truth about the situation in Mexico. It is not the "Chillest" place ever. In fact, it is a dangerous place to travel. The current state of affairs does not provide security or protection for Mexicans or Tourists/Travelers in the country.

For my dear fellow JTL, a.k.a., a quick lesson if I may. "Chillest" is not a word in the english language. The first letter of every sentence needs to be capitalized. Word "I" is always capitalized. It is physically impossible for you to travel to any destination "millions of times". There is no word "youre", it is "you're". Do us all a favor, my good friend, and next time study english in America prior to venturing off in another county and attempting their language. You will save us all from great embarrassment.

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