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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Anonymous , 26-09-2010

? - I see this page hasnt been used in a while. My question is basic. On a 1-10 scale, how dangerous is it to visit these spots right now? Thanks for your help.

By Anonymous , 20-07-2009

rioting, raiding, and the like - heavy fighting between indiginous villagers for land in michoacan, coastal road blocked for weeks now, tourists trapped in la ticla, surfing prohibition enforced by ploughing outboard boats, people have been lynched, now enraged drug cartels (leader arrested) are adding to the chaos and the federal government has just moved into the state with 5000 troops... better stay away for a while...

By Gavin , 04-06-2008

Summer Rain - I got some good surf here in April 07 and I'm planning on going back in August. Can anybody tell me how much it rains in the summer months. Is it like Costa, where its sunny in the morning and rains like hell all afternoon?

By Anonymous , 07-04-2008

- do you have chips and pies over there ??else I dont wanna come and play . And are there plugs for my beloveds hairdryer??
short boareder guy!!

By Anonymous , 31-10-2007

ignorant looser! - This goes out to the s*&t head who thinks the best riders in Mexico are whites dudes. show some fuk'n respect to the locals who can still rip on shitty broken boards,and dont have brand new boards like your spoiled ass. from a michoacano who would like to meet you out in the line up.

By , 04-07-2007

Info La Ticla - Hi, I have lived in Colima for the past two and a half years and La Ticla is my favorite surf spot on the whole coast. Just thought I'd add some info as people seem not to know that much about the area.

1) Personal Safety. Michoacan is rife with cartels who are currently having a fight with the army and the police. This has included gunfights in the plaza of La Placita (i.e. on the main road), the small town 20mins north of Ticla. However, whilst this sounds amazingly bad you should not be too alarmed as really they are only interested in shooting it out between themselves and you would have to be pretty unlucky to get caught up in such an incident, especially as it takes about 30 seconds to drive past the place. This would not stop me going to Ticla, generally speaking the military and police are in control of the main coast road and you will probably be stopped at checkpoints on the way (although this is more likely if you are travelling north, so dump the weed). As la Ticla is on the coastal side of the road, and the cartels are operating mainly in the hills, they are not coming into Ticla very much, although occasionally the police do.

Thefts at la Ticla have been quite common, so it is best to leave your valuables locked in your vehicle or shut in your tent, and maybe best to camp near others. Other than the above risks La Ticla is a pretty safe and friendly place and we have been going there pretty much every weekend we have the chance.

2) Travel. Car: If you are going to be driving along the road it is much better to drive during the daytime than at night. There have been hijackings after dark, although I would say that drunk drivers are a greater hazard in the evening. daytime definitely best though.

Buses: Any of the regular buses going south along the coast road to Lazaro Cardenas from either Colima, Manzanillo or Tecoman will drop you at one of the two turn-offs down to La Ticla. Then you've got a two mile walk down to the town. Unless you're doing that walk at six am you're going to sweat your bollocks off, ergo: try and grab a ride with a passing local.

Hitch: If you want to hitch you can get a lift pretty easy along the coast road but you should closely scrutinise who is picking you up...any narcos with flashy trucks and tattoos are best avoided...families or workers with beat up trucks are much safer. Obviously speaking spanish is going to help.

3) Surf shops and board repairs. There are at least two board repair workshops in La Ticla, although they are not advertised. Just ask in the shop for Vaquero or Juvenal. These guys have a limited number of boards for sale. If you really want to buy a board then you need to go to Pasquales (at Tecoman) and ask for either Nathan or Edgar. There is a Pawa shop in Colima but this is expensive, and one called Mexico Extremo. Pasquales is your best bet if you can't bring a board with you.

Well that's about it I reckon. Ticla is a wicked place and I love it. Just treat the locals with respect.



By Anonymous , 03-06-2007

Danger near La Ticla? - I was told just this week that there is some significant danger in the Mainland Mexico area. The danger was around the drug cartel battles and shoot outs. Does anyone know if it is safe to travel to this area? We were suppose to leave June 9th. Any information about which area to avoid would be great.

By Anonymous , 16-04-2007

Getting Around - Does anyone have experience with traveling by the local bus system in this area? Car rental insurance rates are horrific. Any advice on traveling this area of coast on the cheap and easy?

By Anonymous , 24-03-2007

buy a board ?? - hi everybody, I need your help to know if that's not so hard to found a shop around colima. Living from france in may I can't take my board with me grrrrrrrrrr : to expensive.
Thanks to tell me where I will found some and if you've got an idea of the price ....
hasta luego

By Anonymous , 28-02-2007

Screw this surf spot spoilers web-page - public your own american surf spots, leave mexico and the rest of the non-participant countries out of this, take a look, "Baja norte" 32 surf spots, michoacan 9, the more you go south, the less gringos go there (not talking about puerto and "la joya" haha) and less spots are spoiled, everyones welcome so surf there, you keep it to yourselves.
A chingar a su madre con publicar puntos de surf mexicanos.

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