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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Mexico, Jalisco

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By Anonymous , 27-05-2010

NOt worth the trip - I was in Chacala recently and it is crowded with rich gringos that Think they own the place, it was really disapointing, there was even a Guy from Phoenix, I literally wanted to Kick him out of the water and get him back to his beloved country.
The wave is weak, mushy left for old longboarders
The boat ride is expensive and the drivers stole money from our bags while we where surfing, they admited it later but we never got our money back
Go there if you want to get Skunked

By Anonymous , 02-05-2010

Fun Waves - I surfed there and there were some really fun waves. I was by far the best surfer in the lineup as nobody was taking off next to the point. I had all the overhead lined up lefts I wanted. I probably caught 30 waves in the two and 1/2 hours I surfed. I was dropped in on by a couple of locals but I didn't care, I would tell them to go and then cheer for them. Just keep a good friendly attitude and you will have fun. Don't be afraid to share with the locals.

By galli , 25-10-2006

Chacala dreamin - unfortunately i have to agree with the majority of these posts...a dream lineup, only breaks well on a swell with alot of west in it...then it does get super fun...ive only gotten it like that 2X in the times ive checked it on those conditions..but thats where it ends..when we were there the boneheads from Costa Azul pulled in and started hopping the locals...some stupid group from San Clemente that thought they still needed their Trestles mentality, stay home....justice was served, and some Local rode right over the board of the gringo barney who hopped him...nice slash across his board (word of advice in this area..most of the Costa Azul people rely on the transportation of the guides, they stand around and haggle about where to go on any given day, so if you have your own transport, haull ass early and youll get it by yourself for awhile....)

By DH , 05-10-2006

Too Crowded!! - Just got back from Mexico from a trip to Costa Azul. A great place to go to party and hang out with friends but the surf was overated. Everywhere we went was packed with charging locals who don't know the meaning of "dropping in" on someone or middle aged surfers who think they own the place. I can get more waves at home surfing crowded Southern California breaks. The only thing that may save this place is when it gets really big. That might open up the waves some more and keep out the kooks. It was about 3-4ft when we went. I think next time I will head down further south to Pascuales or Puerto Escondito. Maybe better luck next time.

By wp , 12-05-2006

lame as it gets - this place is packed with kooks and if you get up early it is bummpy and it is way bigger every where else south. you are a kook you should stay in pv and drink and hang out
with the local girls and pay them for sex. keep on the same path as all the other fat old surfers who pay too much to surf this lame streach of cost

By marcus , 21-04-2006

1/2 & 1/2 - I stayed at Costa Azul resort- and hour and a half away-a long time ago. This was before many locals around there even surfed. So, it was empty-even on the two weekends i was there. The swell size varied from waist to head high most of the time, except for our last three days. It picked up to about head and a half-a strong southern hemi. Chacala remained its usual boring self, but something happened. A smaller point around the corner turned on- That's the only reason to go there. That smaller point actually had juice. Barrels, power, etc. Just don't count on it. It has to be good sized---we got lucky. Our water taxi (only $5 back then), said it was the best he'd seen it in a long time.


What a Joke..... - A, very fickle mushy, wave....but when it does break..(a dozen times a year) it is loaded with crew of spirited Mexican locals taking off on every set, what waves they miss are hustled by middle-aged longboarders from Costa Azul dogging every wave like they never left L.A.........try taking off deeper than the locals and your spending the rest of the day picking at sea urchin spines..not worth the trip....

By the real story , 03-02-2006

overrated - this wave is not very good. I have surfed it enough to have figured that out. Even at 3-4 feet overhead, not much power. mellow wave for intermediate surfers, but NOT world class juice.

By El Oso Aquatico , 19-10-2005

La Caleta - I surfed La Caleta several times over a week in peak season. Oscar is a cool cat but, La Caleta was a dissapointment. I caught it best at about head high to a bit overhead and it was sectiony mush. The sets were unmakable and even more mushy. Maybe it was the swell direction as I had no access to the net to be able to determine what was going on but, I can't say I'll be going back.

If you do decide to go there anyway, make sure you bring something for the old man that runs the hut on the beach he's a character. If you speak spanish be prepared to get an earfull cuz he's got some stories to tell.

By , 11-06-2005

Kick a$$ surfing - Ive been up and down the swells in chacalla and its good surf. The locals are verry freindly and can give you a ride to the docks on boat for about 20 american dollars.
Ive been to that spot many times (my cousin in chacala owns a boat) and if youre in nayarit you dont want to miss it. Also my uncle owns a small hotel (Casa Mirador) where you can get a room for about $35 a night and a suite for about $50 a night. The place has a view and is the best place in the village to get a room without hitting over $60. also his son (oscar) will take u out to la calleta to surf for a fee of about $30. it is a lovley 15 minute boat ride. If you want to spend a fortune try Mar De Jade but I dont reccomend it. Just to clear things out chacala is in nayarit not jalisco and the actual surfing beach is called la caleta.

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