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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Troncones beachbreak

Mexico, Guerrero

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By , 16-01-2006

How to get to Troncones from Acapulco? - I wanna know how to get from Acapulco to Troncones. Are there buses? How much to rent a car? Thankful for some nice advise.

By Oregon Rider , 23-10-2005

Troncones Rules! - Just spent 8 days surfing the Troncones beach break, La Saladita and The Ranch. Had the punchiest waves over all at Troncones, with the waves so glassy it was insane! The swell was about 3' the whole time, with sets jacking to some nice, clean walls that made some serious memories. Wish I had that place breaking in my backyard up here in frio Oregon. Breakfast at Cafe Sol rules, and the camarones at the place just North of the Tropic of Cancer Club are incredible. The name of the restaurant was something like Huancharalaros (sp?) (means Red Snapper in espanol). Best food for the price in Troncones.

By anonymous , 25-08-2005

North or South Swell? - Does the beachbreak work better on a north o a south swell? I heard north is the better call. I guess it also depends on the sand banks too just like most beachbreaks!

By anonymous , 02-08-2005

Empty Peaks - Drove 30 miles from hotel strip in my rented Atos I picked up from Hertz right outside aeropuerto, through little towns to find troncones beachbreaks. Beutiful drive, reminded me of Norcal in the winter with all the greenery but it was blazing hot. Found sectiony typical beachbreak, with occassional bowling lefts and rights with nobody in sight. You can pick any peak up and down. The biggest day was 2 feet OH, with a constant rip running through the middle of beach, where the good bowl was. A little tricky getting in with the rocks, but pretty easy in/out. People were super friendly and I felt no worries as I traveled alone, but still remained cautious....I would hit this spot on the smaller days if your around this area as there are better spots to be found that I wont mention. Drive a little more to the north to check and explore some more.....Some expats down there that were mellow and cool, the only ones I saw out...I'll be back

By , 12-06-2005

Tubed in perfection - The beach break in troncones. What can I say.When the south swells start reeling and the sand bar is in, hold on to your scrots for mean,thick barrels. This May I was the only one out 6 days in a row and frankly got tired of the ecstacy of multiple barrels. One 7 ft face fright train blessed me with 3 re-entry barrels and almost made it out into day light one more time.Too much fun. By the way, I failed to mention that I only bodysurf not surf. Gave it up 25 years ago for the direct barrel approach.Have fun out there. It can't get to much sweeter then this place.Blessings to you, Kaliya

By anonymous , 06-04-2005

May - Went in May for a few days - beachbreak closed out the whole time on a bumper swell. Had to surf La Saladita

By , 16-02-2005

re: camping - sorry, that's El Burro Borracho.

By , 16-02-2005

re: camping - I've seen people camping on the beach in front of El Burro Boracho.

By anonymous , 10-02-2005

Camping?!? - Hi, does anyone know if there are any camping facilities at troncones beach or anywhere nearby??

By anonymous , 10-02-2005

Good Beachbreak! - I surfed the beach break back in December 2001 and caught it on a good northwest swell. Overhead 6-8 ft,clean and heavy with barrels. Great and quiet area, worth the visit! Watch out for the heavy rips and some jagged rocks out there on the beach when surfing! I'd like to go back ther in the summer time when the south swells start firing, the point looks like a good wave too although i never surfed it!

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