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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Todos santos

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By bubba gringo , 02-11-2003

don't hesitate or it's to late - surfed todos from 87'-94'with island tours inc. anyone remember?don't remember killers being called anything else.big northwest swells wrap around the island and creates two breaks.a mushy left on the north island and a freight train right called rareleys on the northeast side of the south island.was lucky enough to catch it many summer, thor's hammer just south of chickens across the channel on the south island goes off with a decent south.seen it 30'plus with 3 different outer reefs. unridable at the far as killers goes, don't hesitate just charge. people get seriously f-----up out there when it gets big.would like to see some pics of the barber on his yak on the bigest day (of his life)stay safe and really all you have to do,is hold your breath for a long ,long time.

By anonymous , 23-10-2003

great wave - bad experience - Caught a few 15 footers that were great rides - then got smashed and took an urchin in my foot. If have the chance will definitley go bac ! Whoever said Cabo is the best in Baja is a dumba$$ ! Granted Cabo is decent on the southern tip but Todos is the best spot in Mexico !

Bacareful of the Urchin - where something on your feet - nothing ruins your session more than taking an urchin in your right foot !

By anonymous , 12-09-2003

NUT UP! - Winter is coming!

By anonymous , 25-07-2003

Soul rider - Hi bros.
I've surfed Todos Santos only one time, and it was just SICK. The waves were about 20-25ft, and i'll remember this day all my life. Go there if ya wanna die, but also if u wanna have the best moment of your life(if u r still alive)
Ride with soul brothas.

By Brutus the barber beefcake , 17-07-2003

been there done that - i kayak surfed santos on its biggest day and you dont here me bitch'n. drrop your balls, ket a kayak, and i will see you out there!!!

By anonymous , 12-07-2003

old name? - i know this wave is called "killers" but it used to have a different name... does anyone know what it is?

By JR , 20-05-2003

Island Info - I took the boat ride out there in 1988. I can tell you a few things. First off there are several spots around the island, if Killers is too big then you can surf chickens which is a lot smaller but still might be too big (another right point). We went out and almost shit our pants it was so big, we traveled around to the other side of the opposite island and surfed fun 3-5 foot lefts and rights on a reef all to our heads. The bottom line is it is a big and dangerous wave so you better be in great shape and know what you are doing if you want to surf with the big boys. A good thing to do is to camp out at San Miguel beach near Ensenada and time the swell.

By Jees , 18-04-2003

no title - Full day one hundered and thirty to one hundered and forty dollars, split four ways, thirty-five dollars each.

By At the docks , 18-04-2003

no title - For a full day at the island they charge $130-$140, split 4 ways thats $35 each.

By See you at the docks , 18-04-2003

Easy killer - "...and mexicans you find down at the harbor that you can pay to take you out to Todos are real shady and always want to know if you have some coke for them to snort, so bring your own boat if you can." - Gary

Don't condemn them all on your two experiences. Those mexicans work harder and know the waters around Todos better than any gringo. If you want to risk your own boat in unpredictable conditions then go ahead. I guarantee if the surf is big and you make it back you will have a new respect for the mexicans. A good price for a full day at the island they charge $130-$140, split 4 ways that's $35 each.

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