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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Todos santos

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By haha , 11-09-2004

haha - danaloiselle are you kidding? i was out on that day as well. the guys in the line up had no business being out there. the guy who got his ass kicked deserved it. the tow surfers should have stoped when we got back in the water but didnt but they were pissed off, would you be too? census, they were all wrong but it would have never happened if that keith head guy(the fat kook who cut the anchor who cant surf) would have never messed with their anchor. by the way, keiths friends that were in guillermos panga stood there and watched as he got his ass kicked and fins smashed out of his boards. in fact, i bet you are his friend. keith is never welcome out at todos and has a hissy fit every time someone tows, even if its 50 foot and not paddleable. go home kook

By kooks stay away , 11-09-2004

tow v.s. paddle bs - lets get things straight here. i was out on the day of the tow v.s. paddle fight and it definatly was not the first swell of the year, not even close. second, the paddle guy deserved to get his ass kicked. he is a kook and we chase him out of there all the time. there were few people out that day and few people actually surfing, most being pussies and sitting in the lineup to watch. everyone was out of the water for lunch except for 2 paddle guys who hadnt got a single wave all day. the tow surfers, who have more respect out there and surf the biggest days ever seen out there asked permission from us to tow and we said no problem. he had a new foil board and wanted to give it a shot. while he was towing the asshole paddle surfer went and cut the tow surfers anchor line that was keeping their boat safley in the inside channel. now the boat is going into the rocks, tow surfers catch wind, kick fat ass paddle surfers ass for cutting rope. now the tow surfers were pissed off and towing through everyone after we all got in the water. they would have stopped towing as soon as we got back in the water if the fat ass who we have had problems with before hadnt cut the line. and whoever made that last post is a pussy, cause everyone but my group and the towers were sitting like ducks watching. by the way, it was maybe 20 foot max that day. if you cant handle it on the 40-60 foot days, dont come out at all we dont need to be rescuing your asses after you take a few on the head.

By , 10-09-2004

Tow in verses paddle in - I was here for that firs swell last year and watched some tow in guys beat the shit out of a paddle in guy. In the paddle guy's defence these tow in guys take every frickin wave. I personally am not that comfy with big waves but can handle double and a half to triple and will shoulder hop. This day was about 20-25 foot but the tow in guys were taking anything breaking at all. That is not right and I feel that paddling into a big wave like Todos is three quarters of the battle especially when it is only paddle worthy and not tow worthy. Tow in people should not be allowed to tow in if it is under 30 foot faces because anyone worth their shit can paddle into that- especially the guys I have seen tear this place up (me not being on of them). What is the census on this?

By C. M. Peros , 23-07-2004

Scaring beasts from afar... - Red Dawn, are you sure you aren't taking those Peyote buttons? That is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard, It means "All the Saints".

By goggles , 15-06-2004

soft spots? - i have a buddy who rode todos and said that not only was the size super gnarly but from the crasihing wave oxygen got trapped under water and then welled up and made sink holes that you had to watch out for in the bowl. he hit one, sank and slowed and took a few on the dome. does anyone confirm or deny.

By is it that gnarly? , 11-06-2004

experienced surfers? - why isn't this rated pros or kamikazes only?

By T - Bone , 01-05-2004

Down to Ensenada - One of the best big waves in the world. Mavericks is a little bit heavier but just as good. Waimea in Hawaii and Pico Alto in Peru are very much like this wave too. long live big wave riders.

By anonymous , 06-04-2004

February Trip - We caught TS at 10-15' with no one out in February. The advice of sitting on the shoulder is okay, but wtf-did't you come for this? I took a 4 wave set on the head and did take the most brutal beating of my life, but if you keep your head and wait it out the natural flow of the water at Killers will push you into the channel. One piece of polite and stay low when you take off.

By anonymous , 17-03-2004

Callete El Capitan - The most important thing you can take with you to Todos is your sense of humor. El Capitan obviously doesn't have one.

By El Capitan , 09-03-2004

"Scaring Beasts..." WTF? - That is possibly the stupidest sh!t I've ever heard. Learn at least a little Spanish before heading to Mexico, cabron.

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