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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Todos santos

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By anonymous , 08-06-2005

wake up ya whingers - yous are only whinging about toe in because you cant do it
im sure if u had the money to buy a ski you wold have 1 and be tow in surfin from day 1...think about it towin surfing is much more fun that paddelling in,if u could do if then of course you would choose it over paddeling in...go get a decent job and get ya self a ski those ones who are whinging because yous are only envious and exrtremely jealous

By Captain Goodvibes , 15-05-2005

Not to be an ass... - Too late for that huh Pat. Obviously surfing isn't doing it for you. You might give Prozac some serious thought.

By anon Pat , 13-05-2005

Genious Solutions - You should start a surf company called "Genious Surf Solutions" not to be an ass or anything but, I really hope you didn't take too much time to thing this up, you basically reworded everthing I said and the rest of the comments. You are correct in saying (or better yet, copying) that if waves are too big to paddle into tow is cool, if not, paddle in only. But unfortunately, I can't give you a genious licence for that analitical view. The problem their genious is that no matter what we do someone will always act as a "Billy Badass" and try to regulate everything. People are not seeing eye-to-eye on ANYTHING in the world, much less "tow vs paddle"

By Common Cents , 11-05-2005

Simple Solution - If people are out, paddling in, no jet-skis should be allowed skirting around the linep. if people are paddling in, there's no excuse to take out a jetski. If you can't paddle at that size, you shouldn't be out there to begin with. If it's too big to paddle in, then take out the jestskis. Any questions?

By TB , 11-05-2005

Tow-ins at Todos - I've been bashing tow surfing at Todos since the first ski showed up. I've had some pretty heated exchanges with guys in the water over it and probably still will in the future. Forget about respect, because neither side will ever see eye to eye. The issue is about consideration. Lately I have seen some tow-in guys really trying to regulate and show some consideration. That sort of concerted effort shouldn't go unnoticed. If its going to work at all it will be because both sides show consideration. Unfortunately tow surfing at Todos is going to be around for a while and we need to do what we can to make it work so we can all enjoy it. Granted there will always be a few goons who defy logic and tow-in on top of a pack of us on a 10 ft. day. The last people they are going to show consideration to is a pack of guys flipping them off and yelling obscenities. I know, I have been one of those guys time and time again. But if the right tow guys are there to set an example and set them straight then things can be peaceful again. God the vibe used to be so f@cking cool out there you couldn't believe it. Having fun with your friends was what it was all about. Hopefully that will return.

By anonymous Pat , 07-05-2005

HA HA -2 kooks in one - You guys are both kooks, first of all, that guy shouldn't have been out there screwing with ANYBODYS anchor. But the fact that you clowns were out there towing at 20ft max is an absolute joke... if it's huge and absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to paddle into, ONLY THEN should anyone be towing.

Generally, if it's 25-30ish ft or less (with the exception of some really gnarly spots) get your water polluting wave runners the fuck outta the water!!!

I think that when it's ABSOLUTELY HUGE and SUICIDE to paddle into, towing's all good, crazy and rather fun to watch. But like the man a few comments ago said, paddling into a wave triple over head is 85% of the challenge. (or any size wave for that matter) the last comment is coming from a guy who would probubly tow at Doheny if he could, pussy...

By Tom Bulow , 07-05-2005

Beware of the Chute - Yeah Goggles, the soft spots you're talking about we call "The Chute". You have to watch out on the inside when it gets big because there is a lot of water upwelling from the bottom that creates a suction. Just when you think your beating is over and you're about to surface for a full breath, you get sucked back to the bottom sometimes touching rock. Then on your way back up the turbulance on the surface holds you three feet from it no matter how hard you swim. Instead of losing oxygen from over-exersion it is important to relax at this point and wait for the surface to calm down before trying to get another breath. It won't keep you down forever it will just feel like it. The most important thing to do is relax once you realize this is happening to you. Anyone unfortunate enough to visit the inside on a big day will attest to experiencing "The Chute".

By anonymous , 24-01-2005

towing, I'm down, but for now, I'm out - I just got back from Todos, swell topped out at 12 @17. It was monster!!!! (Jan 19th or so) One day was too big for the mortals to paddle. Chickens was 12-15 ft and firing, that's a good wave, really shallow and will work you very hard if you miss your drop...
Anyway, Nate Fletcher and Pete Mel put on a show for all to see, I think Anthony Tashnick went over the falls on a 40 footer trying to duck it and got pulled.
The tow guys were respectuful mostly, with a few exceptions. There are guys who can buy the gear but can NOT surf to save their own lives. So, they got chased out of killers and were were at Chickens, snapping into all the waves. It was my first time being around jet skis. They're great when they help you out if you break a board or a leash, but they're just annoying mostly.
Stick to the 35' and up, paddle anything smaller... and don't snake guys who are trying to make the drop without the fucking footstraps!!!!! That shit made my blood boil. Surfing large waves is hard enough, all the sudden you look inside and some fucker is holding onto a tow rope, deep as hell, and already on his feet!
It's kinda unnerving. The good towers have the intelligence to straighten out, and take the beating, but the crappy guys keep going endangering both the themselves and the paddler. But only one gets picked up on the inside. The other, we'll he goes all the way through to the rocks under water.... no lifejacket, no jet ski...
Me, I'm buying one, some guys are getting 35-50 waves/day. 2 waves per set and shit. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
Say goodbye to that 10' gun in the rack, they will become a thing of the past..............

By El colombiano , 01-12-2004

Cuidado con esta ola amigo - I surfed it in the late 80s and early 90s. This is a sick and very dangerous wave. I've surfed Puerto Escondido and Pascuales many times and this place still scared me. The size and amount of water moving through is amazing. Be very careful and try not to get caught inside. if you do, paddle for the channel as quickly as possible. A couple of quick prayers to your creator helps too!!

By Fly away , 02-11-2004

Kite Surfing - Any one mind if I kite surf.Is there enough wind.

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