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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Todos santos

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Baloo , 14-07-2006

Save the attitude - The guys who charge aren't intimidated by the waves, so the last thing that will intimidate them is your self-deprication. Shaving your head, getting tattoos, and growing a goatie might work at the local disco, but Todos is a different animal altogther. If you show respect you will be surprised at how much comes back to you regardless of your jewlery. Above all, look out for one another.

By my mum says im cool , 14-04-2006

How to surf - First Timer, When its big, its probably best for you to sit way inside to ensure you have maximum wave selection. My recommendation would be to hold off untill the surf is around the 30ft mark. At this size, K-mart foamies and Maccas trays seem to be the way to go. In addittion, you should also be made aware that this wave can be decieving, if you see a big set comming that looks like it's going to break right on top of you, DO NOT paddle, best advice is to sit still and let the lip hit you on the forehead. Locals here are very friendly, when you see a guy with a beard and tatoos, ask him if he can look after your equipment while you go surfing, he will undoubtedly be more than happy to assist.

By Stay Anonymous! , 07-03-2006

First Timer - Thanks for the tip buddy... If I get in trouble I now know to paddle for the channel. What's a channel? I have never surfed before, but I figured Todos Santos is a good place to start. Any more tips would be super, thanks buddy.

By Over it , 01-03-2006

Tow-dos - To answer your question, Yep!!!

By anonymous , 30-01-2006

State of things at Killers? - Is it still out of control out there; with assholes clotheslining paddle surfers when it's still paddleable?

By Big Daddy , 04-01-2006

show respect - All you guys think you are big locals at this spot!! i started surfing Toads 20 yrs ago and its sad to see all the Bullshit that is going on right now! If its too big to paddle into, tow, in its as simple as that! Its sad to see all the selfish 18-25 yr olds out there who only TAKE but never give any back!!! Obviously your Dad never beat your ASS and you have no respect! Oh you kooks will move on to the next sport in a couple of years, but stay out of my way while you are around! watch out Big Daddy is watching!

By anonymous , 17-11-2005

Todos is ruined and heres why - "All right, I guess I should know better, but every time i go to todos on a less than huge swell it STILL pisses me off to see 'em there.
Sitting WAY outside, buzzing around, throwing huge wakes, trailing these RIDICULOUS 20 foot ropes behind them and HOGGING all the waves. Seiously - I know its the right equipment for REAL big stuff, but 12 foot todos is NOT BIG SURF. COMPLETLY WRONG CHOICE OF EQUIPMENT. The worst thing is that 90 percent of these guys cant even control those huge heavy things they are riding.
I am talking of course, about all the guys riding huge friggin rhino chasers in head and a half high surf. Yesterday it was NOT big yet there were at least 10 guys on boards OVER 10 feet. THESE GUYS SUCK. YOU ARE NOT AT MAXED OUT WAIMEA, OR MAVS, OR ANYWHERE!!!!! YOU ARE NOT A BIG WAVE HELLMAN!!!!!! THERE IS NO NEED TO DROP IN IN A DEATH STANCE AND NOT TURN. ITS ONLY 10 FEET!!!!!
Bring a frigging 6'6" for chrissakes.
Seriously, at least the tow guys are riding the right size boards. "

By , 27-10-2005

Paddle or Tow? - I was out at Killers on Monday October 24th. There were 6 tow teams on jet skis out there. It felt like I was in the movie "water world". My point is that the waves were not that big and we had no trouble paddling in despite the fact that there was a crew of old, fat, out of shape pussies towing in all around us. By the way, if we were in the US all those jet skis would be run off and ticketed by the coast guard because it is illegal to run a jet ski with in 200 yds of where people are swimming or paddle surfing. It really did feel dangerous out there. I am convinced the restrictions on jet skiing near paddlers were made for a reason. It is just proper etiquette for the skis to leave if anyone has the stones and ability to paddle into the waves.

By d , 26-10-2005

For the guy who can't spell - This message is for the guy who can't spell. First so what if he can't afford to buy a jetski at least he has the balls to paddle in. I don't believe you have ever been there either. I do both tow in and paddle oh yea its tow in not "toe in" anyway tow in might be fun and faster but you have to have alot more balls to paddle into something that big. Don't ever go there with that attitude cause you'll find out quick who the real men are. I will never tow in out there unless its 30ft or bigger.

By BP , 10-06-2005

Is this Whingers kook serious?? - Afford it?? huh?? This is the typical idiot you will see on the 91 FWY cutting people off with his new 4-runner mommy and daddy baught him. Typical "909" clown who does not grasp the concept, idea and true meaning of surfing in respects to many values and traditions. Your right bro... If I could only afford a ski... I just hope your job doen't require you to spell or use grammar. It's too bad a clown like this has access to this site, what a fag...

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