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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 The wall

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By , 03-10-2005

totally - the wall is a nice place. good campsite, good vibe. don't screw it up. leave no trace.

By Captain tire , 11-07-2005

Treat her right - Please please treat baja as you would any pristine location. If you dont know what that means it means less than zero impact. Its easy to leave no trace. Just because you see all the other assholes treating Baja like shit doesnt mean you should. Someday very soon the gringos are going to ruin the whole penninsula so enjoy it now before the fences go up. Trashing the place will only make it happen faster. The Mexican people let us do what we want and are so gracious so show them and their beaches the same respect please. You will get good vibes unless I see you trashing, then your car wont start and you will wish you never went. Its usually the people who are koooks in the water are the same way on land. Short sighted and insecure. Baja, so fricking beautiful and so worth not f ing up. Please please please dont be a trash leaving insecure person or its game on Joe. Thankyou for your support...

By Oregon trailer man , 16-06-2005

great summer fun. - This is the best summer spot in all of central baja. It just sucks in the south swells. Way better than east cape. what a great left. the mehes will even give you five inch lobster in trade for beer, what great guys.

By Millhouse , 16-06-2005

The road to hell - I live here in mexico, and would hate to see anyone dive this far to find that the road is washed out. Last time I was there it wasn't for the surf, it was for the blow. this guy that lives by the wall found a downed drug plane. if you stop by, he'll give you a bump. better take a plane, or you'll lose your cool on the road to hell. try turning off at km marker 38 or km marker 58.

By , 02-06-2005

kook - don't listen to ralph, he has no idea what hes talking about. its about 15 minutes outside a small little town, im not gonna say which, and then you go offroading for at least 30 minutes, and then you'll finally see the water. once you hit the water, take the fork north for another 10 minutes and you'll see the campground and the break. ralph's just a kook.

By anonymous ! , 24-03-2005

the wall in april ? - I am planning on a trip down baja in a couple of weeks. Does the wall break in the spring? I have been there in the winter and saw it break on a good north swell. Any info on the area in the spring time would be great thanks!

By Ralph , 13-03-2005

unknown - I live in Mexico and I dont even know about this spot.
takes a boat to get there.

By , 11-03-2005

what the heck? - that kook has no idea what he is talkin about! We took a surfing trip down there in january to the seven sisters. we stayed at el cordon for two days with little surf. we packed up and looked at two other spots and then decided it was time to go to the wall. after a 30 min. off road session we pulled up and see overhead bombing rights with offshore winds. everyone was chill, and it was a freakin awesmoe session. every wave was powerful, and it was all fun for the rest of the week. you really need to surf the spot before you can claim that its not worth the trip, cause it sure as hell was worth it!

By anonymous , 03-03-2005

consistent, but not worth a long trip - It picks up north swell and the shape is good, but it's not that powerful and there's loads of longboarders on it. Trestles is a better wave. I laughed when I ran into people there that traveled from all over to get there. California has better waves than this.

By Huntington Prendey , 19-02-2005

Best of the 7 Sisters - This is the most consistent spot of the 7 points in North Central Baja, known as the 7 sisters. It breaks very similar to Trestles but is about 3x as long when it is over 5 ft. Lots of San Diego Locals on the weekends and holidays, but during the week it is still a treat. This area has many fine breaks but they are not easy to get to. Bring Everything including fresh water and some ingenuity and you will have a great time.!!!!!

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