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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 The wall

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By tread with no trace , 22-11-2006

do the japs own it? - I'm going back to the wall on january 1st through the 8th. Do the japs own it yet? What the hell happened? Oh, and if your going to be there while my bros' and I are there, you had better pick up your trash. Any disrespect the the point will surely and rightly be responded to with an old fashioned beat-down.

By , 31-10-2006

About the wall and the mayor - Now that its on the map, let's talk.
Glen is what i'd call a true environmentalist. Some group left all their garbage and he packaged it up and brought it back to the states and delivered it to the culprits (SD surf shop). He deserves his waves. So does Roberta. Do all of us a favor...Pack your garbage back to the states. Don't let it go into the desert. Crush it and put it in the cooler you brought with you. When you get back, recycle it. The reason there are reminders painted on rocks is because there are many who don't have a clue. RESPECT IT or don't come back. And when Ricardo or Eleseo come around for camp rent PAY THE $3 a nite and be happy to do it. It truly is a paradise even w/the wind. And rotate in the lineup. Do it or don't come

By Baja traveller , 04-10-2006

the wall - This is not a perfect wave, the ocean and land are often wind swept at times forbidding. This is not a place to use and abuse, those seeking to fill their wave-quota will meet cold shoulders and lack luster waves. But those looking to share waves, soak up rays and panoramic views, will eventually find themselves on their own perfect Wall.

Respect the Mayor, this is one of his last hideouts. Act a fool and we may lose him to some deeper, darker nook along mexico's coast.

By The Landfish , 30-09-2006

Don't believe the Hype - Baja guides say strong offshores? Rock bunkers to protect from wind....offshore? Is that why ALL the rock bunkers face NW? The wind howls ONSHORE here and can blow like a mother. Get on it early. Be nice in the water, many folks come back year after year and stay the entire winter. Pack your trash, walk inland 1/4 mile to shit, and bring gifts, clothing, etc. for the real locals. I have lots of great shots from here and other points in the area but I ain't gonna share them here. Be committed and find them yourself like a true dirt rode surfer. Viva Baja.

By The Provider , 19-05-2006

No secrets anymore! - I have been a long time regular at the Wall, and have shared many sessions with the Mayor, as well as, many of the other long time regulars. It use to be that when we ventured in there, we would run into the same familiar faces year after year. Just a small handful of folks that went on their own adventure and discovered a new spot for themselves. HA! Not so these days. It blows me away that so many people quickly forget why they venture out on these journeys to begin with; find a place that hasn't been run over by every tom, dick and harry out there. Nowadays I run into people down there that found the Wall through a book, or from websites such as this. IT AIN'T NO SECRET ANYMORE! The crowds can be thick, the attitudes can really suck, and the trash that's left behind has become astronomical. So many have forgotten the reason why they look for places like this in the first place, and then spoil it by posting its location for the world to see. Go figure!

By the way, word is out that the Japanese have bought the Wall. Another buy-out by corporate maggots.

By Carl , 11-04-2006

great sail spot - I go to this spot to go wind surfing. Almost always onshore winds - great for the sail. I just wish it wouldn't blow all night too. Hard to camp and find. always muddy. bring extra gas and tires.

By Brad , 13-02-2006

HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! - all in all, its totally worth it!!!!! I think to surf an overhead wave for five hundred feet is totally worth it. only one other place in baja where you can do that.

By Jose Mendoza , 09-01-2006

Classic once a year - Yeah the wave is classic about once or twice a year. Its takes only a NW from 300-320. Extremly small window!! It is consistently knee to waist but the wind blows so hard offshore you cant even get into the waves. And not good offshore, bad offshore. Its not light glassy offshore, its howling choppy offshore. The drive in takes around two hours. And you better have 4WD with lots of clearance. All in all not worth it.

By Justin Wright , 05-01-2006

Classic - Caught it last winter head high and reeling. No one else out! My legs hurt after surfing one wave for so long. A great mellow spot to camp but no amenities, bring everything you need. Going back this winter. A definite calssic.

By Phil , 13-12-2005

Place Sucks!!! - I drove to this spot lest winter and it stunk. The off road drive took about an hour and a half. When we finally got thier it was blown out and knee high. Don't go.

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