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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 San miguel

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By anonymous , 01-03-2004

surf if you dary - Incredibly localized. Locals willing to fight in an instant. When I went I was in 3/2 full suit and still cold while a local jumped into the water with just board shorts. Danger goin there.

By anonymous , 18-02-2004

Agro - I went this last weekend and surfed perfect 4-6 foot slight offshore waves, but had a session ruined by the spastic locals who will drop in on you and then fall over. They all suck at surfing but will do anything to cut you off. I even got socked in the face by a sponger, who knew every local out there, so I wasn't about to fight back. Good wave...aggro locals.

By anonymous , 08-01-2004

I won't surf there. - Last time I surfed San Miguel was in 1989. I caught some great surf for a couple of days. Then I found out where the sewage from the trailer park and camp area toliets emptys out into the surf. No way, not me, never again.

By Baja Surf Traveler , 08-01-2004

Locals outa control - Went to San Miguel this past week. Fri was typical epic point surf. Cold. Local Mex Nationals beating up on kids dad for coming to his rescue. The kid had been snaked by a local and he fell off. The kid fell on him. They were trying to break his board when the dad roared up. These two mutant dudes chased him all over the lineup, wamping on him. San Miguel sucks these days. Shouldn't even bother. The local surfers are so inbred they don't know or follow normal universal surfing rules. Buch of asses as far as I'm concerned. The dad was wise not to fight back (even though he was huge and could have killed them), he just got out of the water and left. I'm not sure if I ever want to stop there again. I'll head further south.

By jb , 07-01-2004

beware! - gringos beware the mex revolution has begun and we will win our wave back at all costs!!!!!!

By Andréso , 23-12-2003

Don't Camp Here in the Weekend! - We camped there on a Saturday and thought we had it to ourselves until- what seemed to be- the whole town showed up blasting Norteño music and pulling donuts in their trucks all night. Luckily, we were still able to get up early enough to get snaked and dropped into by the locals. By Sunday we learned our lesson: we camped at Salsipuedes and made friends with the locals.

By Alejandro , 10-12-2003

San Miguel - San Miguel is a great wave. It's too bad that it's ALWAYS jammed full of hyper-spastic, territorial Mexican sperm breaths who can't surf.

By anonymous , 20-05-2003

Crowded - I surfed it back in 1988 on a summer holiday weekend and it was packed. The wave reminds me a lot of Topanga in LA but I've never seen it over 6 ft maybe it can hold. At any rate its mostly a zoo out there just like any California right point break. Maybe you could get lucky on a cold day in the winter but I prefer not to hassle with crowds.

By jorge , 30-04-2003

san miguel - kotzy likes it in the butt!

By , 04-03-2003

no better place - although San Miguel is much better in the winter time, you can still catch some end of the winter swells. Just make sure it's a southwest to west swell or it won't break. If you want to go to someplace closer to the border, then you should try K38. That's a fun wave.

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